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Here’s the official Temple of Poi Class Schedule. Temple of Poi operates on a trimester system with classes running from Winter/Spring from January through April, Summer from May – August & Fall running September through December.  We offer poi lessons to anyone in the world via our live individual and group classes.

If you wish to set up a private session or a consultation, or if you have any questions, please call us at 415.543.4911 or email GlitterGirl at glittergirl <that fancy little at symbol> Templeofpoi <daaaaaaaught> com. Download our free Introduction to Poi Fire Dancing 20 minute class to get a sense of our in person classes.

NEW in 2017: Beginner classes are taught on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at Temple of Poi; Intermediate Classes are taught Tuesdays at Lines Ballet

  • Temple of Poi Sessions are held at 953 Mission Street, suite 11, in the basement
  • Lines Ballet sessions are held at 26 7th street, 5th floor and the studio 4

For best value, join our Beginner Poi Boot Camp and for the quickest route to fire, schedule your own Zero to Fire experience!

Please note, if scheduled classes don’t work for you, consider our Bespoke Boot Camp where you can build your own experience. 

Upcoming Sessions:

HELP! What class do I take? (read this article if you’re confused)

The following poi class are available and are not yet sold out:

  • Beginner Poi Moves: This 6 week series is for absolute beginners and those with little theoretical understanding of poi and limited moves. This series teaches “the alphabet of poi” and gives 25 different drills and over 40 discrete patterns using the skills acquired in the drills.
  • Light it up: Zero to Fire!  This one day workshop helps students learn some basic poi moves, important fire safety information, how to play with and extinguish fire as well as how to execute the poi moves on fire. Students should expect to walk away with rudimentary poi skills and a solid understanding of fire safety as it relates to fire dancing in San Francisco.
    • TBA
  • Beginner Poi Dance: This 4 week series is for advanced beginners with the basic moves in both directions looking to connect the moves together and create a flow through movement and dance. Where the Beginner Poi Moves series teaches “the alphabet of poi”, this series teaches you “how to tell a story” by helping artists understand the theory and practice of connecting the moves together as well as basic performance theory.
  • Transition Flair: this 4 week poi class series focuses on adding more fun and flow to your style by introducing combinations using stalls, under the leg, tosses, plane breaking, tangles (air wraps, hyper loops, orbitals), spirals, wraps, floats and more. This is a mixed level series that allow poi students to take as much or as little of the material is appropriate for their level of skill. Class structure is decided in the flow, based on the students in the class, material known to them and material they wish to cover.
  • Beginner Poi Fire: The third and final class in the trifecta of beginner poi classes offered at Temple of Poi is another 4 class series. Class one focuses on fire safety and we invite students to bring friends and significant others to the class (included in your tuition!) to ensure they also understand fire safety. Class two focuses on the construction of your fire poi. Classes 3 & 4 has students spinning and extinguishing fire and exploring the practice of fire in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Introduction to Poi Sessions: These 70 minute classes are a brief non-fire introduction to the practice of poi. We’ll play with some moves, give you a little theory, inspire you tons and have a whole lot of fun practicing together. Groupon holders, this is your class.
    • TBA
  • Flowers/Flowers 2 (CAPS, Hybrids, Antispin, Lockouts and more is a 4 week series covering in spin and antispin combinations of flowers on the vertical and horizontal planes. This series is a mixed level class and students will work at their own pace so be prepared to focus on your own needs rather than allow distractions to pull you from your path. Flowers 2 assumes you have some knowledge of the material from Flowers.
  • Behind the Waist Wrap: explore the plane behind the back through weaves, waist wraps, crossers, melt downs, stalls and more in this 4 week series that will improve your flexibility and extend your repertoire.
    • April 10, 8 PM (Lines Ballet)
  • Modest Mondays: Are you on a tight budget, want professional help and find you can’t really squeeze full priced classes into your schedule? If so, join us for one or all of these sessions with sliding scale discount pricing for those in need.
    • TBA
  • Size matters: This 2 week series focuses on big and small moves and helps artists develop dimension in their spinning and performance technique through the exploration of size and asymmetric size. Giants, buzzsaw variations, wraps as well as separations and weave tracers are jammed into these two mixed level sessions.
    • TBA
  • It Used to Be Tech: This 4 week series focuses on foundational moves that were popular in the mid part of last decade, including multibeat weaves, behind the back weave turn arounds, 4 beat corskcrews, pinwheels, thread the needles and opposite direction weaves.
    • TBA
  • Poi Turns:  This series works with a range of moves covering all levels of skill to perfect turning 180º and 360º. We will also touch on the concept of motion as described in the 7 Layer Dip to assist you with moves that traverse space (4 weeks)
    • TBA
  • Rhythm in Combos: working with rhythm to explore expression of specific combos. This class is part flow, part choreography, part follow the leader, part performance.
    • TBA
  • Combos Concepts & Creation: this class teaches the science and art of creating combinations. We begin first with an extensive analysis of what you know, how to fit those moves together theoretically and taking an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. From there, we’ll explore building these combinations together, individually and in small groups, breaking down both the theory and practice using both concepts and specific examples.
    • TBA
  • Partner Poi: this 4 week series is for beginner and advanced beginner poi students looking to develop an understanding of how to work with partners. students needs not have a partner to enjoy this class.
    • TBA
  • Funky Foot Flow & Combos: Multiple sessions, each independent of the others, where students provide a series of moves GlitterGirl will then transform into a combination utilizing what the practitioners bring to the class. The dynamic generation of combinations makes for a unique experience each time personalized based on those attending.
    • TBA
  • Flow down is a 4 week performance workshop focused on helping artists challenge their freestyle capabilities through a series of performances and focused exercises where students will get and give feedback.
    • TBA
  • Choreography & Performance Virtual Boot Camp: join us for this 10 week intensive program, at the end of which you’ll have your very own choreography. This is suitable to both individuals and groups and you get the best price per student when you register with your troupe
    • TBA
  • Out of the Box: This 4 week series focuses on flow between moves and presentation of the moves in a manner that is less linear. The class consists of games to help improve your skill focused on turns in both directions, adding style and moving through circuit training to improve a variety of skills as applied to performance theory.
    • TBA
  • Multi-Beat: Join us for this one night class where we explore various multi-beat moves including the 5 beat weaves, 4 beat corkscrew, 4 beat pin wheel and 4 beat thread the needle. This is suitable for intermediate and beyond students. Students should know the beginner weaves, corkscrew and pinwheel before attending this session.
    • TBA
  • Polyrhythmics & C-CAPS: Focused on moves executed with asymmetric rhythms between the two hands, this 4 week series will help artists improve their repertoire while increasing access to more complex rhythms of expression with poi.
    • TBA
  • Opposite Direction: Improve your relationship to opposite direction patterns — including the opposite direction weave, archer weave, weave fountain, archer weave found and tracers — in this 4 week course dedicated to repertoire expansion on various planes with an array of opposite direction moves, patterns and combinations.
    • TBA

For information about our Intensive programs, including our Wielding Fire Experience: Zero to Fire in 4 Hours!, please visit this section of the website.

If you are interested in private instruction with GlitterGirl direction, please contact her at the email listed above.

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