videoPath="http://templeofpoi.com/cbt/movies/lesson5/overhand/pinwhe el/"; --> home > online training hom e > beginner > lesson 5 > Butterfly, Inward/Overhand Split Lesson 5: Butterfly, Overhand Split/Inward You will need to be able to do the following 4 moves as taught in lessons 1 and 2: Left hand, chest high, overhand Left hand, rotator, overhand Right hand, chest high,... Continue Reading →

Mixed Level Fan Class, 3.28, 8 PM

If you're new to fans and looking for a solid foundation to help you get started or are interested in leveling up your fan flow or are simply looking to practice with people where you can follow the leader rather than make it up yourself, join our new monthly Fan Class. This session runs February... Continue Reading →

What is Practice?

I was recently in conversation with  clients about what they gain through the practice when we all know it can be such a frustrating and painful challenge while also being time consuming and sometimes hard to motivate toward doing. Certainly one focus is to learn the mechanics of movements/ideas/concepts/frameworks/drills/tools because practice is the continued application of... Continue Reading →

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