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Intermediate Poi Boot Camp April 10, 2015
fire poi April 10, 2015
Size Matters Poi Class April 10, 2015
Poi Flowers April 10, 2015
Beginner Poi Moves Class Series April 6, 2015
Jamberry Nail Wraps April 2, 2015
Fire Fans March 30, 2015
2015 nExtpo March 27, 2015
Fire Dancing Video March 16, 2015
2015 Beginner Poi Boot Camp March 9, 2015

5 Ways to Develop Your Look as A performer

March 8, 2015


Fire Dancing Look

Today’s question came from a comment on one of my recent blog posts on becoming a pro flow performer: How did you come up with your look? Especially when you’re performing with fire. Didn’t you feel limited in the beginning? Just curious about your process. What a great question and one I really wish I’d […]

Beginner Fire, start May 12, 2015, 8 PM!

March 5, 2015


Beginner Fire poi hoop staff

Course Overview This is a four week course presents extensive fire poi safety information and focuses on students becoming familiar with burning fire poi comfortably and safely. Students garner information about safety practices, building fire poi rigs, lighting fire poi and each student will have an opportunity to spin fire poi and practice being a […]

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Poi class: Opposite Direction Series, 3/18

March 4, 2015


Poi Opposite Direction GlitterGirl

Have you ever felt like your same direction repertoire is more extensive than your opposite direction moves? If so, this course is for you. This four-week series focuses on working in opposite direction on the front, back, side, floor and ceiling planes with various moves including: thread the needle opposite direction weaves (aka, butterfly weave; aka impossible […]

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14 Signs You’re Ready to Go Pro as a Performer

March 3, 2015


Fire Dancers: Are you ready to go pro?

As artists grow from fledglings to professionals, along the way there is the gap between knowing enough to be entertaiing and not being confident enough to command money for it. If you’re one of those people in the early phase of your professional career — perhaps even just trying to figure out now if you’re […]

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Beginner Poi Dance, Mondays, March 30, 2015, Just added!

March 3, 2015


Beginner Poi Dance

Develop transitions and beginner performance theory in this 4 week dance series. This class is the perfect follow up to the Beginner Moves class (or equivalent material: pinwheels, windmills, chasing the sun, butterflies and weaves). If you have some experience and aren’t sure if this class is for you, contact GlitterGirl (glittergirl <that crazy little at symbol> […]

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Our 13 Most Read Articles over the last 13 Years

February 28, 2015


13 articles 13 years

As we continue to celebrate our 13 year anniversary at Temple of Poi, here’s a look at 13 of the most popular (highest read count) articles we’ve released so far. Coming in first is the recently released hit, The 6 Most Dangerous Ingredients of Fire Performance. This particular article focuses more on mindset than it does on […]

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10 Tips Soloprenuers Can Implement to Improve Facebook Efficiency

February 26, 2015


Facebook Tips

Over the past few months I’ve been maximizing my time on-line, figuring out ways to use tools more in a manner that feed me rather than drain time from me and I’ve codified some of that here. For the small artistpreneur, flowpreneur, soloprenuer or entrepreneur who uses Facebook as one of their (possibly primary) marketing tools who […]

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Try before you buy! Introduction to Poi, March 9, 2015

February 25, 2015


Introduction to Poi

Sign up now and join us for a fun 70 minute class introducing you to the joy of poi, an exercise, meditation and art form focused on helping you gain body awareness, balance, coordination, muscle development, freedom of motion, self expression and a whole lot of fun doing it. This introduction to poi fire dancing […]

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13 Ways We’re Celebrating 13 Years at Temple of Poi

February 22, 2015


Temple of Poi 13 year

Temple of Poi celebrates 13 years this month! We’re pretty excited about that here at headquarters but realized that 13 has a terrible reputation — did you know that the gallows traditionally has 13 steps leading up to it and is cited as one of the sources of said bad reputation in some internet lore? We want […]

10 Fire Poi Performance Moves That Make Non-Spinners Applaud

February 22, 2015


Fire Poi Toss

As our modern fire poi dancing is a nascent art form in its very early toddler years of development, a few things have become clear to me over the years watching audiences: what artists like to explore because it challenges them may be (and often is) lost on the average audience full of non-spinners at […]

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How to Sell Your Show without Selling Your Soul

February 17, 2015


Sell your Show without Selling Your Soul

I’m not sure if you’ve experienced this also — where someone accuses someone of selling out in a way that really feels like a negative accusation. I look around the community and I consider the possibility of someone having actually sold out and it occurs to me that no one is making nearly enough money for that to […]

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The 6 Most Dangerous Ingredients of Fire Performance

February 2, 2015


Dangers of Fire Dancing

Most people easily consider that the fire itself is dangerous, which of course is accurate, particularly if you’re undereducated about how to handle and extinguish it safely. If they are people that are qualified to  be performing, we also hope they are considering other things that go along with that like placement of the depot, spin […]

8 Approaches to Choreography

January 19, 2015


8 Styles of Choreography

As with any practice, choreographing a work consists of degrees of granularity, in this case where the movements are matched to the music with increasing degree of precision as the choreography becomes more refined. This encompasses a wide range of experiences and approaches to the creation process. This article endeavors to present some commonly utilized concepts […]

Custom Hoops available now for Local Pickup!

December 17, 2014


Custom Hoop Purchase

We got some beautiful new HDPE tubing and have enough to make some custom sizes for folks. Set up an appointment for a costume fitting at our studio in SoMa on Mission Street (953, between 5th and 6th) for your own personalized hoop. Your purchase includes a 20 minute hoop fitting consultation and mini lesson to get […]

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Fitness, Practice, Language & Success

December 11, 2014



Today’s topic is about using language to structure our fitness and practice goals to garner greater success. Certainly, there’s a lot of useful information to assist in building better results in the articles 10 Techniques for Getting the Most out of Your 10,000 hours and 6 Steps to Creating your 30 day Challenge though I’m pretty sure this topic deserves it’s own article.Have you ever […]

Teachers: 10 things to Consider when Competing with Other Bigger Name Artists

December 8, 2014



  Here’s a question that came up lately on a teaching forum, a question more and more people will be asking as time passes and the industry becomes bigger. Does anyone teach in a town or city with a way more advanced hooper than you? I’m feeling a lot of insecurity about developing my hoop […]

Why Gigs Without Pay Will Always Exist

November 25, 2014


Why there will always be free gigs

As fire and flow dancing performers sort themselves out in the marketplace and better understand the differences between the various types of individuals competing for gigs, different issues are bound to arise. There are several variables in the equation including different motivations to perform and different consequences when pay is limited. This article endeavors to distinguish the various types […]

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8 Reasons Every Artist ‘Should’ Work for Free

November 23, 2014


8 Reasons to Gig Free

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with what I expect to be a controversial article title, I thought I’d address an issue that’s been widely prevalent since the Oprah/Revolva incident transpired last week. I have seen at least a few dozen times on Facebook individuals (mostly artists I believe) saying various forms of this statement, […]

First 5 Things to Do As a Pro Flow Performer

November 21, 2014


Fire Costumes, Beginning performers

Today’s question: I have recently decided that I am leaving the group I have performed with for 2 years. There are not any other performing flow art groups in the area unfortunately. What advice do you experienced performers have for me? When going pro, the trick is to realize that getting booked has very little to […]

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9 Lessons Artist-prenuers Can Learn from Oprah & Revolva

November 19, 2014


Oprah and Revolva Lessons

If you somehow missed, it, Revolva was recently asked to donate her performance skills to the local stop on Oprah’s new tour, The Life you Want. The irony is palpable. First, I want to say that I consider Revolva an incredible artist and I think her choice to turn down Oprah was not only appropriate […]

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10 Ways to Handle Gig Rejections Better

November 16, 2014


Fire Dancing Gigs

I recently saw someone post a question on line which is paraphrased here: I’ve been negotiating a gig for a while now and the deposit was due today. Instead of sending it, today they told me that there wasn’t enough room in the budget and they wouldn’t be needing me. I just feel like I lost […]

Selecting Performance Music in 12 (Time Consuming) Steps

November 11, 2014


Music Selection Process

This week’s question: How do YOU decide what music YOU use for gigs? (What’s the process you go through, not what music you think someone should use) This week’s question is a great one and worthy of a comprehensive answer. Of all the tasks I do as a performance artist, selecting music is one of […]

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In the News!

November 8, 2014


Temple of Poi in the news

Here are some fun things that came up recently where Temple of Poi showed up in the news. First, check out this interview with North Carolina based fire artist Casey Houle, “I’ve been chasing the flow state:” The interview covers a range of topics and includes reference to the Temple of Poi fire safety manual — which we couldn’t […]

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6 Steps to Creating Your 30 Day Challenge

November 4, 2014


Build Your 30 Day Challenge

One of my new Facebook friends asked me for some advice tonight and I realized it might be incredibly useful to codify it as an article for other’s as well. Here’s the query: I would like to start the 30 day challenge. I was wondering if you had any advice that will help me get the […]

8 Excuse-Stopping Practice Tips

November 3, 2014


Practice: Stop the excuses

Best as I can tell, most humans struggle at one point or another with motivation and the insidious excuses that come with the sometimes chore of practicing. Whether the practice is a flow tool, a musical instrument, finding yourself at the gym, running, yoga or something else, it’s really easy to find excuses and allow […]


7 Reasons Fire Dancers Benefit From Running Hands Through the Fire

September 25, 2014


Fire Dancing Safety

We recently published an article titled 5 Criteria To Help You Decide if Someone is Ready to Spin Fire and were asked: “What’s important about someone being able to run their hand through the flame or putting out a fire?” In fact, enough people commented on this that we thought the first safety article deserved a […]

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Funky Foot Flow & Combos, Mondays, Fall 2014

August 11, 2014


Poi Class: Foot Work and Combinations

Want to feel more freedom with your movements on the dance floor while twirling your poi? Looking for more flow between moves? Need to integrate recently acquired skills into performance flow with moves in your comfort zone? Then join us for three nights this fall where you can explore creating something unique. Each student brings […]

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Flowers 2 Review & Preview

August 7, 2014


Fire Dancing Photography

Advanced Poi Lessons — 2 weeks left! If you haven’t been able to join us yet for the Flowers 2 series with a heavy emphasis on hybrid flowers (inspin with one hand and antispin with there other) and atomic flowers (flowers on different planes with one in spin and one antispin), you’ve been missing out […]

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Poi Flag Hand Dyed Silk Poi In Stock Now!

August 6, 2014


Flag Poi Silk Hand Dyed One of a Kind

Just in time to enjoy for the rest of the summer, we’ve just created these one of a kind hand dyed silk flag poi. Each pair of flag poi is dyed lightweight silk as part of limited run lot of flags. While the flags have a beautiful and large visual impact, the lightweight nature of the silk […]

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8 Free Ways to Build Your Fire Dancing Photo Portfolio

August 6, 2014


Fire Dancing Photography

One question I get regularly from folks is this: I’m new to performing and can’t afford a photo shoot. I want to look professional on my web site so how do I get high quality images with which to market myself? It’s a great question because a photo really can make the difference between something that […]

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Prepared for the Playa?

July 28, 2014


rope dart practice prop

Need a costume? See our video below for samples and then contact GlitterGirl to get your one of a kind original as unique as you are. The gates open in less than a month and the man burns in 34 days at the writing of this post. We miss our the incredibly awesome event that […]

Student Sets the Ice on Fire!

July 22, 2014


Ashley Clark on Ice
Photo: William Lee

Last year, we had the unusual opportunity to work with US Ice Skating Gold Medalist Ashley Clark. She came to us looking to help her integrate fire into her ice skating performances. In just a few months, she began performing in Sun Valley 4th of July weekend 2013. At the time, her act consisted of […]

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10 Lessons I’ve learned Half Way Through My 3 Year Challenge

May 25, 2014


10 Things I learned From My 3 Year Challenge

Statistically speaking, I’m half way through my life and I keep reading these articles about/by fellow Gen Xers, people hitting middle age and their thoughts about the process. A lot of them have seemed somewhat grim to me, reflecting a certain resignation and a sense of “letting go of possibility” which, when I read it, […]

2014 Expo Limited Edition T-Shirt Pre-Order!

May 6, 2014


2014 Expo TShirt Design

  Now that the 2014 Fire Dancing Expo is over, we’re getting ready to create the t-shirts to fulfill our Kickstarter rewards. Nova created this beautiful design to commemorate the 9th annual show and we finally have it digitized (with assistance from Joanna Zobjeck). We’re pleased to announce the design and pre-sales of the 2014 Union Square Fire […]

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Poi Class Series: Waist Wraps & Other Behind the Back Series

February 2, 2014


Behind the Back

You’re cordially invited to this 4 week poi spinning class series focused on lots of movement behind the back. Because this series has breaks between sessions, students can maximize self-study time to help learn these challenging moves and combinations with more depth and breadth of comprehension. Curriculum is adjusted based on the needs of the […]

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Split Opposite CAP Swivel Video Lesson Available

November 19, 2013


Split Opposite Swivel

As we work through our catalog of recorded lessons, this week we pull out the side plane, split time, opposite direction, CAP Swivel lesson. This video class consists of one 8.5 minute videos. The video explains each side plane opposite direction split time CAP then explains how to connect them together in a swivel combination. As […]

Practice Poi – New Colors in Stock!

November 17, 2013


Practice Poi

People love the cone poi so after we ran out of stock on the purple and black, we got another short fun of practice poi in these beautiful orange and green shades. Practice poi are bean bag like poi which are stuffed with tiny plastic pellets (about 3 oz each) instead of beans so they […]

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Jedi Stall Video Lesson Available Now

July 19, 2013


Poi Lesson: Up Stalls

Level up your fire dancing with poi in our review video for some Jedi stall combinations using both up and down stalls. This video class consists of 2 videos. The first covers front plane stall combinations starting with same time, same direction antispin stall combos, then split time front plane antispin combinations, followed by 2 additional stall […]

Transition Flair Class – Stalls, Floats, Tangles, Plane Breaking & more!

April 10, 2015


Artist: Nova
Photo: Dalton Chan

Join us for this 4 week series meeting at 8 pm Wednesdays at Lines Ballet, 26 7th Street, 5th Floor, studio 2. Class meets June 3, 10, 17 & 24. Tuition is $120 for the full series or $30 drop in per class, one intermediate credit in the beginner boot camp package or as part of […]

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Poi Class: Behind the Waist Wrap, Crossers and other Behind the Back Fun

April 10, 2015


Poi Behind the Back

You’re cordially invited to this 4 week poi spinning class series focused on lots of movement behind the back. As always, this mixed level class curriculum is adjusted based on the needs of the students and materials from which we choose are diverse, including: waist wraps behind the back weave waist wrap butterfly crossers hugs meltdowns […]

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Flow Down Performance Workshop

April 10, 2015


Performance Class

Want to level up your confidence as a flow artist? Need experience working in a constructive environment — much like a writers group — for performing skills? Join us for this 4 week series meeting at 8 pm Mondays at Lines Ballet (26, 7th Street, 5th floor, studio 4, San Francisco) July 27, August 3, 10 & 17 […]


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