2014 Press


“I’ve been chasing the flow state:”, an interview with performance artist Casey Houle
October 30, 2014,
When the Music’s Over Blog

Alex Neal of When the Music’s Over interview fire artist Casey Houle where he touches on his history as an artist, fire safety and how old school artists like GlitterGirl share their knowledge with the new fire performers on the scene.

When the Music's Over
Burning Man Alternatives: Zero to Fire


3 Surprising Ways You can do Burning Man at Home
August 22, 2014,
RiffRaff Blog

Article on alternatives for adding flow into one’s life while not at Burning Man. 


The Work of Art: ARTown
May 15, 2014,

Documentary on Reno’s ARTown project with a section featuring footage of Temple of Poi Fire Dancers at about an hour and eight minutes.

Fire Dancing Documentary
Fire Dancing


Fire Dancers Master the Fear of the Flame,
January 6, 2014,
Imperial Valley Press

Article on fire dancing, GlitterGirl cited as an industry expert.


Keyframe Entertainment Launches Transformational Culture Forum,
April 28, 2014,

Blurb on new Transformational Culture Event.

Temple of Poi Press


Sweat for Charity; Fire-Dancing; Past Perfect Party,
April 25, 2014,

Blurb on 2014 Union Square Fire Dancing Expo.

Union Square Fire Expo 2014,
April 27, 2014,
Shaowen YaoA video recap of the 2014 expo.


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