Mixed Level Intermediate+ Poi Zoom Class Menu

Classes are client driven based on demand heavily influenced by boot camp students. All boot camp students are offered the opportunity to make requests for upcoming courses during the scheduling process. Of the several dozen courses we offer, the majority of courses are 4 week series classes meeting 80 minutes per week structured around a theme. Instead of devising the content in advance with a strict curriculum, the material is based on student requests and designed to be responsive to the specific needs of the students attending.

How to request content

Students are invited to look at the course menu below, which contains links to the class preview and review videos as well as some flow videos heavily focused on the relevant theme. Our Top Courses are the most requested courses between 2010 and 2020 and, because of their frequency, have more video previews from which to choose material for the courses.

To make a request, follow these steps:

  • review the videos for the course
  • when you find content you’re interested in requesting, submit the video link and specific time code (beginning and end) to the instructor in advance of the class


  • if you know the move name (some videos have the name is embedded in the video)  request it during our check in circle

The Course Menu

Note: Under construction!

This table will have over 20 courses listed when completed covering a variety of levels of material. The following is a list of courses offered and video previews for each.

Name Concepts Previews
4 weeks,
80 min per week
All things flowers* and related concepts, including:

  • inspin flowers
  • lockouts
  • antispin
  • hybrids
  • polyrhythmics
  • CAPs
  • 3D Flowers
Warmup with Flowers 2016.5.1)3D Flower Preview 2019.9.5

Review Spring 2018 1

Review Spring 2018 2

Review Spring 2018 3

Review Spring 2018 4

Preview, 2012.5.8

Preview, 2014.9.10

3D with the Fairies

Transition Flair+
4 weeks, 80 min per week
Add flair through movements that can often be executed in the blink of an eye including:

  • stalls
  • tangles%
  • wraps
  • tosses^
  • under the leg
  • floats
  • pendulums
  • plane breaking & bending
Preview 2020.07.07

Preview 2015.1.5

Fun with Pendulums 6.6.2014

Preview 6.6.2014

Review 6.7.2014

Preview 2013.11.13

Size Matters
4 weeks, 80 min per week
Variations on moves focusing on size elements, including:

  • giants
  • lockouts
  • archers
  • inside plane
  • asymmetry
Preview 2016.9.25

Preview 2014.9.17

Behind the Waist Wrap
4 weeks, 80 min per week
  • behind the back weaves
  • waist wraps
  • crossers
  • meltdowns
  • flowers behind the back
  • stalls behind the back
  • under the leg behind the back
Preview 2014.2.1

Preview 2014.11.18

+top courses, scheduled most frequently in a year.
*must have clearance for arm to extend with the poi at full length to maximize the content of this class.
%some tangles (i.e., orbitals) can benefit from the use of poi with high quality swivels and students may want to consider those.
^while tosses can be executed without counterweights, they are highly recommended as well as poi with a quick release handle, like knobs, instead of anchored handles, like loops.

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