LED Gig Pricing

If you thought this article was about hiring us to perform, try this link instead and book us now!  A friend approached me with a question about LED gig pricing and, having taken a moment to send some good feedback, I thought my answers might be useful to other artists looking to set their rate... Continue Reading →

What Class Should I Take?

last update 03/23/2016 Here's your quick and easy guide to figuring out what class to take or take next. If you're looking to: get performance ready by Burning Man next year, take the Beginner Poi Boot Camp [first class, Beginner Poi Moves, starts  April 21, 8 pm] get the best value for the lowest cost to... Continue Reading →

Drop-in Introduction to Poi January 11

Sign up now and join us for a fun 70 minute class introducing you to the joy of poi, an exercise, meditation and art form focused on helping you gain body awareness, balance, coordination, muscle development, freedom of motion, self expression and a whole lot of fun doing it. This introduction to poi fire dancing... Continue Reading →

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