2008 Expo

Fire Dancing Expo
Photo by David Yu.

For your convenience, we’ve consolidated the information associated with the 2008 Fire Dancing Expo in one place. Hope this is useful. 🙂


The 2008 show featured nearly 60 artists in 27 acts.

When we created these videos, the hard drive was corrupted so some of the videos have glitches. However, our best copies will soon be available for download for a small fee (all earnings go to cover expo expenses) to help raise funds to support the continuation of this annual event.  Download information is coming soon. 

Meanwhile, the entire 2008 Fire Dancing Expo can be viewed on line via YouTube using this playlist URL. Direct links to each artist’s set are listed below as well.

  1. Kerket (belly dancing pot)
  2. Random Spark (fans)
  3. KrAn (student poi duet)
  4. Plenty (poi solo)
  5. Surprise! (hoop solo)
  6. Kael (poi solo)
  7. Fire Bellied Sneetches (poi pentet)
  8. Poisessed (poi solo)
  9. Musashii (sword solo)
  10. Luna & Plenty (student poi duet)
  11. Burning Dan (poi solo)
  12. Jets Del Fuego (student poi group)
  13. Amber Glitter Goddess (poi solo)
  14. Sparkaluscious (mixed tool solo)
  15. Inspheration (poi solo)
  16. Kinetica, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (mixed tool group piece)
  17. Celsius Maximus (fan sword solo)
  18. Codega Girls (student poi duet)
  19. Icon (poi solo)
  20. Flow Show Circus (multi prop group)
  21. Meghan Clare Pike (MCP) (staff solo)
  22. Controlled Burn (multi prop group)
  23. Musashii (poi solo)
  24. Holistic Hooping (multihoop duet)
  25. GlitterGirl (poi solo)
  26. Primal Fire (staff duet)
  27. Yuta (poi solo)



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