What Is the Ideal Poi Length?

I get this question a lot: what is the ideal length for my poi?  I took the time to write out an answer to someone on Instagram this morning (if you’re not following me, you can on my PoiPriestess account or if you’re into Mandalas, on my PoiPriestessMandala account ) and thought I’d share it... Continue Reading →

Sparkle Poi: Get Your Rage Cages Now!

Temple of Poi recently partnered with Randy Simpson to bring you Rage Cage Sparkle Poi, a newer poi fire effect that is both fun and different looking. Here's a little FAQ to help you get started with Sparkle Poi! What are sparkle poi? Sparkle poi are metal cages with holes that have charcoal in them that are... Continue Reading →

Summer Sparkle Fire Photography Clinic & Contest

Photographers and want to be photographers, you are invited to join Bay Area fire dancing artists, GlitterGirl, Nova and The Amazing Zihni for a night of fire dancing photography fun from which we will have the Summer Sparkle Photo contest.  About the Photography Clinic In March, we ran the Spring Forward Photography Clinic at the Palace of fine arts and we had... Continue Reading →

Prepared for the Playa?

Need a costume? See our video below for samples and then contact GlitterGirl to get your one of a kind original as unique as you are. The gates open in less than a month and the man burns in 34 days at the writing of this post. We miss our the incredibly awesome event that... Continue Reading →


As I've been watching the information flip across my screen defining paths of tools and rotational forces and geometric shapes, I find myself in an interesting series of thoughts around styles of conceptualizing and integrating patterns we learn. While I certainly don't have the time to have read every post that comes across the group,... Continue Reading →

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