Sparkle Poi: Get Your Rage Cages Now!

Temple of Poi recently partnered with Randy Simpson to bring you Rage Cage Sparkle Poi, a newer poi fire effect that is both fun and different looking. Here’s a little FAQ to help you get started with Sparkle Poi!

Sparkle Poi Rage CageWhat are sparkle poi?

Sparkle poi are metal cages with holes that have charcoal in them that are then spun like normal poi. As they spin, the embers fly from the cage, producing a beautiful effect that is somewhat less predictable and persistent in the trails than you might enjoy with an accelerant on a wick.

How do sparkle poi get set up?

To set up your poi, first open the cage, load it with charcoal and then secure the lid closed. You’ll want to then get the charcoal lit with an accelerant. You can start spinning while they are still on fire or after the fire dies down. However, there will be fewer embers if you spin it while the fire is lit. Here’s a short how to video demonstrating what to do. As Nova points out, light them at the same time so you get an even burn with both heads. Also, be sure the pack the cages and even amount for a consistent burn from each poi head.

Why use them?

Apart from the cool factor associated with spinning the sparkle poi, they have a quality to them that’s very different than spinning fire regularly. While it looks more dangerous to use sparkle poi (and we are pretty convinced that getting a burning ember in your eye actually is a real danger to consider!), walking in a shower of the embers has an amazing feel to it and is unlike other props with which you flow. It looks a lot like you’re dancing with red fire flies, from the artist experience, as the trail of embers fades. And, did I mention it looks awesome!?

What are the dangers compared to fire spinning?

We strongly advise everyone to wear goggles, which will be included with all three of the Rage Cage packages, as well as fire safe hair cover. In addition, fire safe clothing is a must for your safety as embers will definitely hit your clothing and highly synthetic fabric would melt to your skin. Finally, until you are comfortable with the embers on your skin, we recommend you wear arm cover.

Also note we did a lot of spirals in the video. We were all wearing these gauntlets as well as leather gloves. These gloves are NOT the gloves included in the packages below, but rather, gloves to be used to handle the charcoal and thus, less form fitting and less ideal for fire spinning.

Also note, that the cages, unlike traditional fire poi, are not hot at the end of the burn.

Here! Take My Money!

Here are three different packages we’ve created to get you started with sparkle poi.  For a limited time, Rage Cages and Temple of Poi are offering free shipping so act now to get the best deal! 

Note: All purchases are non refundable. Please contact us for questions before making a purchase. 


Rage Cage Starter Kit – $250

This package includes all of the following:

  • pair of rage cages
  • leashes and handle
  • goggles
  • charcoal for 3-7 burns (depending on how tightly you pack it)
    Our current price including DOMESTIC shipping: $265

Buy Now!

Note: All purchases are non refundable.

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