Prepared for the Playa?

El Wire Upcycled Aviator Cap

Need a costume? See our video below for samples and then contact GlitterGirl to get your one of a kind original as unique as you are.

The gates open in less than a month and the man burns in 34 days at the writing of this post. We miss our the incredibly awesome event that used to happen here in San Francisco 2 times each summer before Burning Man called Prepare for the Playa, an event at which GlitterGirl has enjoyed performing and teaching over the years.

Peruse their website for some awesome referrals for resources to help you prepare for your trip. While the website provides some great general links for burner gear, if you’re one of those burners who has some last minute needs (especially those specific to flow and fire dancers) you still haven’t taken care of, we may be able to help!

    • If you haven’t yet done so, we invite you to read this article on festival self care. While the article was written more with fire festivals in mind, many of the concepts translate well to the playa and the symptoms discussed may intensify due to the intense climate.
    • While you’re packing your fuel up, remember to bring tons of zip lock baggies you can use for spin off! Be sure to get the high quality kind with the plastic zippers that close the bag as they work substantially better in our experience. What we love about the baggie spinout method is that it is so portable and it works for every kind of small wicked prop — from fans to hoops to staves and of course poi. One thing to note with this method of spin out: be sure to keep room between the edge of the wick closest to the bottom of the bag and bottom of the baggie itself as the excess fuel will collect there and get reabsorbed into the wick if you don’t leave clearance for the fluid to pool.
    • If you absolutely must spin fire on the playa but don’t yet know how, check out our Zero to Fire: 4 hours to Fun Safe Fire Fun! workshop which will fast track you in just 4 hours to spinning fire while having the knowledge you need to be safe. And we’re talking about this fabulous experience, if your company needs a great team building and practical experience, please, direct them to this workshop!
Rope Dart Practice Prop made by Nova
  • If you need some great LED gear to help light your journey through the dark nights in the desert, check out flow lights which you can use not just for lighting your way, but also for playing — either with poi or staff!
  • Speaking of glow toys, here’s some higher end LED poi (and staff) we love — even beginners can’t seem to break this awesome tools that are fantastic for pros too!
  • If you’re looking for our best recommendations for flow gear to acquire pre-burn, check out our “store” links to recommended products.
  • If you need new, original practice props, Nova is available for commissions and can even do fun el-wire lit pieces like the hat featured here or the pair of rope darts pictured to the left. Email designs <that pretty little ‘at’ symbol> templeofpoi <dauuughtttt> com for a consultation.
  • Need some high quality instruction but don’t have a lot of time? Set up a private lesson with GlitterGirl or Nova to cover what you need in the prop you’re looking for. We offer poi, hoop, fan, staff, double staff, rope dart and sword training for beginners through performers. (Email GlitterGirl <that pretty little ‘at’ symbol> TempleOfPoi <daaaaaaaught> com with questions.)
  • If you need some one-of-a-kind couture fire safe costuming that is as unique as you are, consider retaining GlitterGirl & Nova to make you an original piece. The video below shows some samples to inspire! Email designs <that pretty little ‘at’ symbol> templeofpoi <dauuughtttt> com for a consultation.

If you’re ready for private instruction, want to try Zero to Fire in 4 Hours!, want to join our next beginner class or have other questions, contact GlitterGirl directly or subscribe to our newsletter for mailbox delivery of this and other articles written by Temple of Poi founder and visionary, GlitterGirl, who has been a full time flow arts coach and instructor since 2002. If you seek professional guidance associated with creating a safe performance, obtaining a permit in San Francisco or other personalized coaching, contact GlitterGirl directly for a free consultation (GlitterGirl <that pretty little ‘at’ symbol> TempleOfPoi <daaaaaaaught> com).

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