What Class Should I Take?

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last update 03/23/2016

Here’s your quick and easy guide to figuring out what class to take or take next.

If you’re looking to:

  • get performance ready by Burning Man next year, take the Beginner Poi Boot Camp [first class, Beginner Poi Moves, starts  April 21, 8 pm]
  • get the best value for the lowest cost to make a solid commitment to weekly practice for about 6-7 months, take the Beginner Poi Boot Camp [first class, Beginner Poi Moves, starts  April 21, 8 pm]
  • take one class to see what it’s like, consider our March Intro to Poi Drop-in [Monday, 8 PM, 4.4]
  • take a beginner series and walk away with a basic understanding of 60 moves and drills, take our “alphabet of poi” class, Beginner Poi Moves [starts  April 21, 8 pm]
  • take moves you’ve learned in the Beginner Poi Moves series and apply then in flow, take our “string words together” class, Beginner Poi Dance [Mondays, 8 PM, starts 3.28]
  • learn fire safety after understanding some basic moves and how to connect them together, take our Beginner Fire Series  [Wednesdays, 8 pm, starts 3/9]

If you have some experience and you’re looking to:

  • develop your repertoire more deeply, consider our It Used to Be Tech series [Tuesdays, 8 PM, Starts 3/1] or our Behind the Waist Wrap series [Tuesdays, 8 PM, starts 4/5]
  • get scholarship classes, contact GlitterGirl directly
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