2015 Fall Intermediate Poi Boot Camp

Looking to level up your poi skills this Fall? Join Temple of Poi for the 2015 Fall Poi Intermediate / Advanced Boot Camp. At the beginning of each session, we will assess where students are at, suggest different possible content and based on the feedback of the students present that night, we will co-create a fun learning experience... Continue Reading →

Poi Turn Class

During this four-week series, we'll focus on 180º and 360º  turns between moves, enhance existing turning skills and learn new turn combinations. This series also has students explore the concept of plane shifting through axis rotation as a means to create a more dimensional performance. These 4 weeks focus on the motion layer of the 7 layer dip, assisting you... Continue Reading →

Intro to Poi Drop-in class, Monday 11/2

Sign up now and join us for a fun 70 minute class introducing you to the joy of poi, an exercise, meditation and art form focused on helping you gain body awareness, balance, coordination, muscle development, freedom of motion, self expression and a whole lot of fun doing it. This introduction to poi fire dancing... Continue Reading →

Combo Concepts and Creation

Want to feel more freedom with your movements on the dance floor while twirling your poi? Looking for more flow between moves? Need to integrate recently acquired skills into performance flow and combine them with your old moves in your comfort zone? Looking for some practical experience writing short choreography? Then join us for this 4... Continue Reading →

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