Combo Concepts and Creation

Artists: GlitterGirl & Zihni Photo: Fototaker Tony
Artists: GlitterGirl & Zihni
Photo: Fototaker Tony

Want to feel more freedom with your movements on the dance floor while twirling your poi? Looking for more flow between moves? Need to integrate recently acquired skills into performance flow and combine them with your old moves in your comfort zone? Looking for some practical experience writing short choreography? Then join us for this 4 week class designed to assist you in understanding how to assess your skill set, determine your strengths and weaknesses while you learn to create your own combinations.

Night one of the class will be mostly about poi theory as well as skill assessment. Bring a pen as you will be taking notes and writing down lists for yourself. Handouts will be provided. Through this session you will understand your strongest and weakest areas as an artist, while understanding your preferences and areas of development. We’ll outline the moves you know vs the moves you are learning and, the directions you prefer and help you progress your understanding of how these move interrelate with each other.

Over the subsequent three weeks of class, students will use the knowledge applied in the first week to both build combinations individually, in games with other students and as a group. In addition to creating the combinations, we’ll also practice the transitions to develop access to these sequences with increasing efficacy.

Note: Due to the sequential nature of the material presented in this class, you must attend class one if you wish to attend another class in the series. 

This session will run 8 pm (for 80 minutes) Tuesdays 11/10, 11/17, 12/1 and 12/15 at Lines Ballet (26 7th Street, studio 4). Bring a pen to class 1 – you will be taking notes in this class almost exclusively. Tuition is one of the following:

  • $30 cash at the door per night drop-in if space allows (must take night one to attend any of the subsequent nights) or
  • $120 for the full series ($60 down, $60 due in cash night one)
  • 1 intermediate credit on the beginner boot camp package for each night attended or
  • best value: pay $18.05 a session when you join the Fall 2015 Intermediate/Advanced Poi Boot Camp

This series only! 

Provide your $60 tuition deposit (non refundable but transferrable with 8 days notice) to register now and bring the balance in cash the first night of class.

Fall 2015 Intermediate/Advanced Poi Boot Camp

Full Program: By clicking this link you agree to make 4 payments of $100 regardless of your attendance at each of the 18 sessions and private session. The first payment may be made using the first link below  on or before September 15, 2015 or in cash. The additional 3 payments are due in cash directly to GlitterGirl, Nova or through the mail slot at Temple of Poi by 10/15/15, 11/15/15 and 12/15/15. This payment is non refundable. 


Full program, early bird: If you can afford to pay the full tuition, we request you leave these spots open to lower income students. Early bird has the same terms listed above except $90 per month instead of $100. Use the button below! 


Tuesday Only: By clicking this link you agree to make 4 payments of $80 regardless of your attendance at each of the 12 sessions plus the half our private. The first payment may be made using this link on or before September 15, 2015. The additional 3 payments are due in cash directly to GlitterGirl or through the mail slot at Temple of Poi by the 10/15/15, 11/15/15 and 12/15/15. This payment is non refundable.

Some scholarships available, though students seeking scholarship are strongly encouraged to consider our 2015 Fall Intermediate/Advanced Poi Boot Camp as that is our scholarship rate. Please inquire with GlitterGirl directly (GlitterGirl TempleOfPoi com) for details.

Here’s an example of a short flow created through a session similar to this.

This class is loads of fun and is highly recommended for advanced beginner and intermediate students who want to take their skills to the next level and add some fun combinations to their repertoire.

As a reminder, this and all classes at Temple of Poi are taught with the Flowology Mindset practiced rigorously.

Additional Information

  • Bring a pen for the series.
  • Students are welcome to bring a video camera to record sessions for personal use only. They may NOT be distributed to others, including your fellow students (without prior authorization of your instructor), in any way, nor posted on the internet or sold.
  • You will need to have your own practice poi, or you can purchase a set from us.
  • Practice poi, if you need them, are available for $20 cash
  • Join our mailing list here and keep up to date on classes, events, performances, jams as well as articles and videos to support your learning.
  • Enjoy free lessons at
  • Want to teach a friend how to poi? Pass it on — they can get a free download of our 20 minute corkscrew lesson here at
  • Invest in your own video library through our paid for videos in our Beginner Poi Video Lesson LibraryBeginner Poi 5.5 Hour Video CourseIntermediate Courses, and Individual Lessons.

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