Fire Permit San Francisco

Safety warning: Temple of Poi hereby informs you of your individual responsibility to seek adequate knowledge and safety information to qualify you to spin fire. You are advised to seek appropriate educational knowledge on fire tools and safety techniques, including but not limited to safety precautions; legality of fire permits in your local jurisdiction; appropriate fuel storage, containment, and transport; safety personnel and fire equipment extinguishment; fire tool disposal; and all other aspects of fire safety as related to fire dancing.

Additional resources:  

If you a planning a fire event in SF, you will need to do the following:

  • Provide the Fire Department with a plot plan illustrating the performance area (including the 4 walls, ceiling and floor for indoor space). Here are samples of fire permit maps we have used for Union Square to give you a sense. You will be required to articulate what type of barricades are used to the detail described in these maps.
  • Provide the Fire Department with a plot plan illustrating the location of the fire performer, safety perimeter line, and the audience. This information, as with the venue data, will need to be detailed and include how many safety personnel, where fire extinguishers are located, and a detailed explanation of the depot setup.
  • Provide proof of Insurance (1 Million dollars) each time you apply for a fire permit
  • The insurance form also needs to list the City and County of San Francisco and it’s employees as additional insured.
  • Complete the permit application form and render permit fee at 698 2nd Street, cross street Townsend Street. (Hours: M-F: 8 – 11 am, 1 – 5 pm )
  • Have your fire tools inspected (in person) by the Fire Department
  • As of spring 2014, the permit fee is $862 to acquire your permit
  • Provide information regarding event location, date, time; type of fire devices, fuel (containment, storage, transport), and safety details.
  • You will also need to fill out the SFFD Fire Safety Sheet.

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