Beginner Poi (Virtual) Boot Camp, Fall 2014

Beginner Poi Lessons with GlitterGirl Looking to start your poi fire dancing journey? Can't make it to San Francisco easily but still want to work with an instructor who can provide quality lessons? Using technology, GlitterGirl will work with you in our special intensives hosted live via Google Hangouts. Our 10 week course covers the material from the Beginner Poi... Continue Reading →

Funky Foot Flow & Combos, Mondays, Fall 2014

Want to feel more freedom with your movements on the dance floor while twirling your poi? Looking for more flow between moves? Need to integrate recently acquired skills into performance flow with moves in your comfort zone? Then join us for three nights this fall where you can explore creating something unique. Each student brings... Continue Reading →

Flowers 2 Review & Preview

Advanced Poi Lessons -- 2 weeks left! If you haven't been able to join us yet for the Flowers 2 series with a heavy emphasis on hybrid flowers (inspin with one hand and antispin with there other) and atomic flowers (flowers on different planes with one in spin and one antispin), you've been missing out... Continue Reading →

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