Two Sets from 3 Degrees Campout

Some of the Temple of Poi dancers got together for a Flowtastic performance at the 3 Degrees campout 4th of July. Enjoy this fiery fan duet Cary the Cosmic Cowboy and GlitterGirl put together. And here's a casual hoop set GlitterGirl delivered.

Expo Funding Special Thank You

As some of the folks who performed in the Expo prepare to hit up Reno's Precompression party this coming weekend and bring another stellar round of fire dancing to the light, we wanted to take a moment to thank some of the Kickstarter Donors and give you an opportunity to check them out directly. Thank... Continue Reading →

Poi Flags, Silk, in stock now!

Each pair of flag poi is hand dyed with lightweight silk as part of limited run lot of flags. While the flags have a beautiful and large visual impact, the lightweight nature of the silk combined with the ease of motion in the ball chain create a low resistance tool with almost as much flexibility... Continue Reading →

Get Lit: Fire Dancing Photography Basics

In 2011, Temple of Poi teamed up with Calumet to deliver a workshop on fire dancing photography basics. We took video of the workshop and have created a 3 part video series available for you to download now. The workshop covers: General considerations Safety Types of Photos Tools Some potential poses for people just starting... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons to Go Moo!

First, we're not talking about sounding like a cow, we're talking about business cards in the title of this article. If you don't have business cards already and you're a fire dancers, here's 7 compelling reasons to seriously consider going to to order your business cards. What we do is very visual. It is... Continue Reading →

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