Get Lit: Fire Dancing Photography Basics

In 2011, Temple of Poi teamed up with Calumet to deliver a workshop on fire dancing photography basics. We took video of the workshop and have created a 3 part video series available for you to download now. The workshop covers:

  • General considerations
  • Safety
  • Types of Photos
  • Tools
  • Some potential poses for people just starting out

The lesson, priced at $10, includes 26 minutes of video divided into three clips as well as a PDF of the video presentation for you to study.

Please note the video for the workshop basically covers the slides while the audio is Temple of Poi Founder, Isa GlitterGirl Isaacs, explaining the content in depth.

This course is appropriate for:

  • Photographers looking for comprehension of what fire dancers are experiencing during the photo shoot
  • Fire dancers who want to understand what photographers are experiencing during the photo shoot
  • Artists and photographers intentionally creating photo shoot opportunities
  • Individuals and groups looking to work together to create more complex geometric photography
  • Photographers looking for practice and information on extended exposure photography

Tuition is $10 and is available now for purchase following this link.

3 thoughts on “Get Lit: Fire Dancing Photography Basics

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  1. The three videos that come with the download are interesting, however they’re not extremely helpful for photographers since exposure time is not covered well or examples shown, like, “here’s 2 seconds at f11…” All we get is a slide that says something like, “experiment with exposure times”. The video is also distracting as the speaker goes off mic several times, blesses people when they sneeze, says hello to people when they come into the room, etc. This could’ve been edited down to five minutes and put on youtube and shared for free.

    1. i would also add, dozens of people have felt very differently so i’m sorry it wasn’t valuable for you since you apparently understand how to work with fire dancers and really were looking for more proficiency operating your equipment in that context. The class is designed to help photographers and fire dancing models understand how to work together to co-create a great capture. 🙂

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