Beginner Poi Moves, Mondays, 8 PM, sold out!

Join us for the first in our Beginner Poi series, with Beginner Moves teaching over 40 different moves and combinations. This class is appropriate for those with absolutely no experience through early beginners with a few moves but not a lot of vocabulary, comprehension, technique and confidence. If you have no experience, this class is... Continue Reading →

Fire Love: Fund the Expo

Fire Love! At Temple of Poi headquarters, we're working on production for the 2014 Union Square Fire Dancing Expo. This year's show will feature some fun acts and we thought it might be fun to whet your appetite! Aside from the usual sort of acts you might see -- poi, staff, hoop and fan duets and... Continue Reading →

How to Outdo Copy-Cat Performers

I saw this question today on Facebook and wanted to take a moment to post some thoughts. Question: What's the best way to deal with a copy-cat performance group? Let's say this group has been around longer, but hasn't had any fresh ideas for a while, then they start to mimic your group's shows, style, and... Continue Reading →

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