Fire Love: Fund the Expo

Posted on February 16, 2014 by


Fire Love!

At Temple of Poi headquarters, we’re working on production for the 2014 Union Square Fire Dancing Expo. This year’s show will feature some fun acts and we thought it might be fun to whet your appetite! Aside from the usual sort of acts you might see — poi, staff, hoop and fan duets and groups — this year we will also have:

  • our first ever dragon staff appearances on the stage — in solo, duo and large group format
  • another first, square hoop!
  • the square hoops much larger and fiery cousin, the box! Yes, another first there as well!
  • return of the giant fans of Solar Flare that appeared in years past
  • a large group performance by the up-and-coming local troupe, Ministry of Flow, using an array of unusual fire props and a not to be missed spectacle of fire!
  • plus a super fun high energy large Temple of Poi student group performance with poi
  • and the premier of Temple of Poi Instructors, GlitterGirl, Nova & The Amazing Zihni in their first ever fire trip performance!

If you’re also excited to see this show on April 26, 2014, 8 pm in San Francisco’s Union Square, then get your reserved seat now. While you can attend the show for free, the crowd is about 3500 folks and we’ve heard reports from people arriving at 5 PM last year who couldn’t get a good view, even though they waited for hours.

The best view is in the reserved section and you can ONLY get seats through the Kickstarter Campaign

Without the funding of this Kickstarter Campaign, we can not make the show happen.