Self Love: A Daily Practice!

Posted on February 15, 2014 by


Valentine's Day Love

If you’re middle aged and feel pain when you wake up, this is for you and it’s about how to give your SELF some body LOVE!!! Even if you’re not middle aged, I can’t help but think this will be a good practice for everyone.

I was waking up in pain almost daily about 18 months ago (at the age of 43) and I thought, “So this is middle age? F— that! If I’m going to wake up in pain, its going to be from working out!”

I started a daily movement practice focused on my body (not teaching clients or supporting others — that time doesn’t count) on 11/12/12 and did 30 minutes of daily embodiment exercises of various forms (yoga, poi, dance, pilates, aerobics, walking, whatever) every day since then, even on days when I’ve been “sick” — of which there have been few days since I started this. I believe, fewer than previously and I believe this is related.

Some of the movement is more strenuous, some of it more aerobic, some of it more rehabilitative (30 minutes on a roller, for example), some of it is about flexibility and all of it is about being in more flow with my physical form.

It’s the single best health decision I made for myself since the day when I was 315 pounds and decided I’d be dead at 30 if I didn’t make a change. Unlike that day when I was 22, half my life ago, this change has been a ‘move toward’ (pain free living and greater physical capabilities) strategy rather than the ‘move away from’ (death) strategy. Very effective.

And I know there’s the, “I don’t have time for a daily practice” thing going on in someone’s head reading this.

I realized: I don’t have time not to have a practice! I spent more time being in pain and dealing with the consequences of waking up in a foul mood or not feeling good in my body than I do actually doing my practice. Even at my current daily ritual (60 minutes a day).

My body was “getting old” and I don’t have time for that. I feel younger than ever and even though its a drag doing it sometimes, I was so inspired I changed the practice to 60 minutes a day just before the new year and while I feel more worked, I’m in the best shape of my life. Of course, I was never young and in shape so it’s not the same for me as those of you who have always had hot bodies that are breaking down.

Yet, I have to think: if you’ve always been inclined to being in shape, it should be easier to fall into a pattern to support staying in shape than to develop a pattern that gets you in more shape than you’ve ever been in previously, so if this once-upon-a-time-fat-girl can do it, so can you!!!

Beyond the obvious physical benefits is the stress relief!!! I am more even tempered, I’m generally in a better mood and I can handle my stress with greater ease and higher levels. For me, the ritual, the time for myself, and honoring my body daily has been a HUGE transformational experience.

On this day all about love, I say this: if you’re looking for pain relief and a way to support yourself, this is my suggestion for some serious SELF LOVE! ❤

PS: Pass it on!