Beginner Poi Moves, Wednesdays, 8 pm – Sold out!

This class is appropriate for those with absolutely no experience through early beginners with a few moves but not a lot of vocabulary, comprehension, technique and confidence. If you have no experience, this class is for you. If you have limited experience then this class is probably for you -- contact GlitterGirl (glittergirl [at] templeofpoi... Continue Reading →

Progress, not Perfection

In our ongoing series of articles designed to help artists in their practice, we offer this piece. Today's focus in on the challenge students face in their practice with the endless nagging of the mind-haunting questions like this big one: Will I ever be good enough? In the end, no one else can tell you... Continue Reading →

Temple of Poi Performs in Reno

This past weekend on July 27, Temple of Poi instructors, GlitterGirl, Nova & The Amazing Zihni could be seen on stage at Reno's Compression party, an event showcasing the splendor of Burning Man to the Reno community through this free block party and showcase that went on from 3-11 PM. This quick write up features... Continue Reading →

Performance Anxiety: Fear or Excitement?

Over the years I have conferred with clients who confess their performance fears to me. It's a fascinating experience to both witness in others and experience in myself. Over the years, I've worked through this performance fear and use this technique with clients in an effort to assist them in working through their own performance... Continue Reading →

Jedi Stall Video Lesson Available Now

Level up your fire dancing with poi in our review video for some Jedi stall combinations using both up and down stalls. This video class consists of 2 videos. The first covers front plane stall combinations starting with same time, same direction antispin stall combos, then split time front plane antispin combinations, followed by 2 additional stall... Continue Reading →

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