Flowology Mindset

Flowology Mindset™ Our Invitation We invite you to adopt the Temple of Poi Flowology Mindset™. If you're uncertain it is right for you, we encourage you to try it for a limited period and then, if you don't like it, don't use it. A 6 week trial commitment provides the data necessary to draw conclusions... Continue Reading →

Video Inspiration

Earlier this month, GlitterGirl taught a C-CAP class at FireDrums and there is a great review video on line with the material available in the video below, including this special set of instructions on how to drink water. [youtube http://youtu.be/5HLNhq4LtFE] Also from FireDrums, checkout this awesome review video captured by Memory of Tiana's Zoumer's "Foot Breaks... Continue Reading →

Cleaning the Glass

Imagine you're sitting with your friend at two desks and both of you are facing each other. In between the two desks is a tall piece of plexiglass. Imagine that each idea you share with your friend is encapsulated in a ball of energy which requires a soft lob over the glass. You pass, your... Continue Reading →

Evolution of An Artist

As the community continues to grow and technique distinguished at rapid rates, here at Temple of Poi we're feeling a dearth of conversation around performance theory and the journey of a flow artist from their entry into the community to their emergence as a dance performance artist. Perhaps, as an academy focused on dance performance... Continue Reading →

7 Layer Dip: Speed (Layer 4)

Next up in the 7 layer dip is the exploration of speed. Just as size impacts the performance, speed will create the same effect. Often times, artists spin at one speed throughout a performance. Instead, artists might try adding a combination of micro accelerations, micro decelerations and a general sense of swelling with the music.... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Poi (And Other Flow Arts)

As with other experiences, poi practitioners can apply themselves with varying degrees of rigor to the study of Poi. As one's practice becomes more rigorous, the benefits also become more expansive and comprehensive and extend beyond being about "having a good time" to include all of the following: Increases self esteem Elevates self awareness Develops... Continue Reading →

Join our Mailing List Now!

After more than a decade of not having a mailing list, GlitterGirl finally got it together so that those of you who don't use Facebook can keep in touch and find out about: upcoming classes special event fire and flow jams educational and performance videos articles instructor material free goodies ...as well as special give... Continue Reading →

Last Beginner Fire Class for Summer 2013: July 18

Course Overview This is a four week course presents extensive fire poi safety information and focuses on students becoming familiar with burning fire poi comfortably and safely. Students garner information about safety practices, building fire poi rigs, lighting fire poi and each student will have an opportunity to spin fire poi and practice being a... Continue Reading →

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