Beginner Poi Dance Class, July 18

Join us for this spring 2013 offering of the Beginner Poi Dance class series of the year which focuses on transitions between beginner moves. This class is the perfect follow up to the Beginner Moves class (or equivalent material: pinwheels, windmills, chasing the sun, butterflies and weaves). If you have some experience and aren't sure... Continue Reading →

7 Layer Dip: Size (Layer 3)

As we continue our exploration into the 7 Layer Dip, we'll begin focusing on the size layer of the dip. As we already discussed when talking about the height layer of the dip, contrast is really a key piece of performance. Tony Robbins talks about this in his TED talk presentation about the 6 human... Continue Reading →

7 Layer Dip: Height (layer 2)

As we continue our exploration into the 7 Layer Dip, we'll begin focusing on the height layer of the dip. Clearly the skills themselves are, of course, important, but one of the most impactful performances I ever witnessed with poi was a student who did, literally, 3 moves. The reason it was so impactful? Her... Continue Reading →

Traveling with Fire Poi

Not all travel with tools is the same, as some tools are just bigger than others and require a different amount of space in luggage. In my experience, poi are the easiest of all tools and I have never had a problem with fire poi taken on a plane. In fact, at the Empire State... Continue Reading →

7 Layer Dip: Skills (layer 1)

Certainly it all starts with basic skills -- butterflys, reels, buzzsaws, flowers, stalls, CAPS and the ever popular old school mainstay of an artists repertoire, the weave. But what you can do with the moves themselves itself is endless in terms of variations. Consider the weave and how you might change the size of it,... Continue Reading →

7 Layer Dip – An Intro

I've been working for years on the idea of how to best express myself as an instrument of the music as a poi fire dancer. I've discovered that one aspect of the development process for cultivating the poi dance performance artist has been focusing on it from a scientific/logical perspective in a "fake it till... Continue Reading →

Pricing a Gig: Getting Undercut

Pricing seems to be the topic of the day for me. I got two notes in my inbox on the subject and I wanted to share a few thoughts. For starters, if you're new to pricing performances, you might want to check out this article written earlier in 2013 about it to support your pricing... Continue Reading →

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