Transition Flair, 8 PM Tuesdays starting 7.7.20

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Register here with your non refundable $120 tuition for 4 classes, 80 minutes, Tuesdays at 8 PM Pacific, July 7, 21, 28  &  August 4 in 2020

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Drop in Students: contact GlitterGirl to make tuition arrangements

This series only: non refundable $120 tuition. 

Zoom based Intermediate+ Poi Fire Dancing Boot Camp 7 month program, first of 7 non-refundable tuition payments of $100. 

Tuition includes…

  • Live Sessions: Students will be taught new material and will receive feedback on their progress while learning it
  • Zoom Videos: Full paying series students receive access to the Zoom recordings of all of the classes (regardless of attendance); Drop-In and Boot Camp students receive access to the Zoom recordings of the classes they attended. Students may download these videos to play over and over as a learning reference.
  • When: 80 minutes per session, 1x a week, 8 PM Pacific Tuesdays in 2020: July 7, 14, 28 & August 4. 
  • Where: Classes will be held over Zoom 
  • Who: 9-10+ year old able-bodied humans with space enough to spin 2 objects the length of their arms around them who have access to reliable network connectivity over Zoom. Students should be familiar with at least the Beginner Poi Moves class material and have their own poi.

Is this for me?

This is a mixed level class for those looking to level up their transitions and explore new ways of moving. Topics will include:

  • Stalls
  • Under the leg
  • Tangles
  • Spirals
  • Wraps
  • Plane breaking
  • Quarters
  • Floats
  • and more!

This class is loads of fun and is highly recommended for intermediate and advanced students who want to take their skills to the next level. As with all our intermediate class series, it is designed to be taken more than once.

NOTE: This class will require poi suitable for tossing and, if students wish to work on orbitals, we recommend with swivels as well. We recommend these LED poi for those who don’t have them already as they allow for tosses and can be used for light shows as well and are all kinds of fun. Be sure to select the knob option when ordering, or, if you own the poi already, simply order the knobs separately. You will also need a swivel if you want to work on the orbital tangle which will, for newer models, require a floop and swivel attachment. We recommend you get these swivels.

The series is a mixed level class where we will start with a basic concept and continue to build on it throughout each class and the series overall. Students are invited to take the class at their own pace and we adjust the material to accommodate each student’s needs. This series will continue to expand on the concepts by working with turns and combinations that integrate the recently acquired transitions. Remember, each class will have material for all levels and will build so students can pick up moves and combinations at their own pace. It is recommended that students:

  • be able to do independent hand stalls
  • can balance on one leg while lifting the other
  • wear loose fitting cloths so they can lift their legs without being hampered
  • prepare to be active, agile and do core movements

As a reminder, this and all classes at Temple of Poi are taught with the Flowology Mindset practiced rigorously.

The following videos provides a set of examples of the type of material we will cover.

Registration Information

  • Drop-in: $35 per night drop-in if space allows (must take night one to attend any of the subsequent nights or have prior approval from GlitterGirl); please contact GlitterGirl to see if space is available the night(s) you wish to attend and to arrange tuition payments; or
  • $30 a class when you buy the whole 4 night series ($120) paid below; or
  • 1 intermediate credit on the beginner poi fire dancing boot camp or Zoom-Based Beginner Poi Dancing Boot Camp or Zoom-Based Intermediate+ Poi Dancing Boot Camp package for each night attended (please note if only one person on a Study Buddy Discount attends, it counts as a credit)

Register for this 4 week series here with your non refundable $120 tuition. 

Register for the Zoom-Based Intermediate+ Poi Dancing Boot Camp:(not including beginner poi moves) By clicking this link you agree to make 7 payments of $100 regardless of your attendance at each session. The first payment may be made using this link on or before July 7, 2020. The additional 6 payments are due to GlitterGirl by the 15th of each month from August, 2020 until and including January 15, 2021. This payment is non refundable.
Register for the Study Buddy Discount Zoom-Based Intermediate+ Poi Dancing Boot Camp: (includes Beginner Poi Moves) By clicking this link you agree to make 7 payments of $150 (for access granted to 2 people in 1 zoom window) regardless of your or your study buddy’s attendance at each session, you get the zoom recording for the session and that counts as a credit. The first payment may be made using this link on or before July 7, 2020. The additional 6 payments are due to GlitterGirl by the 15th of each month from August, 2020 until and including January 15, 2021. This payment is non refundable.

As a reminder, this and all classes at Temple of Poi are taught with the Flowology Mindset practiced rigorously.


  • Is the Zoom Class the same as watching free videos on YouTube? 
    • No, not at all. A YouTube video will always say the same thing at the 3 minute time code whereas live classes, while intended to teach the same material, are responsive to students needs and structured specifically to meet students where they are in their practice. As educators, our job is to communicate in the language each student needs rather than saying the same thing and assuming everyone will understand it. To that end, we present the information in various ways until it clicks with the practitioner.
  • Will I get personalized feedback on what I’m doing while the class is running?
    • Yes! Part of the variations in content lesson to lesson comes from the specific feedback offered to each student. Where you might be able to turn left when everyone is turning right in a Modern, Jazz or Hip-Hop class with little to no impact, it’s often the case that a misstep in poi means a bop in the face, making it much harder to fake it.
  • Can I ask questions?
    • Yes — and we encourage it! Unlike some dance classes where you are anonymous in the back of the room with little or no relationship to the teacher and your peers, we strive to create a community wherein people are honored as individuals with different strengths and weaknesses. Each class opens with a check-in and questions so we can share our experiences: if you’ve got that question, chances are, other people have had that same question too.  We also do checkins throughout the class where people can ask questions that are specific to the material we are learning.
  • How can you give everyone feedback while teaching a group?
    • In short, we’ve set this up like a dance studio. Instead of using mirrors, we have two cameras for the instructor. One camera offers the back view as the spotlighted camera during the teaching section. In front of the teacher is a large screen with the students on it in “Brady Bunch” squares which allows the teacher to see the students real time and offer feedback to everyone while the students are watching the teacher from behind for ease of modeling the new material.
  • D534A380-2E89-4656-A026-1F04B85EFED5Do I have to practice outside of class?
    • While a small percentage of students do progress simply by attending class and being attentive, that is very rare. If you’re interested in success in the practice, we recommend at least 3 20 minute sessions outside of class per week. As with most things in life, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

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