Zoom Beginner Poi Moves Tu/Th 4:30p PT/7:30p ET starts October 27, 2020

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Register here with your non refundable $180 tuition for 12 classes, 40 minutes 2x a week (Tu/Th), 4:30 PM PT, 7:30 PM ET, for 6 weeks, October 27 through December 10, 2020. We will contact you at the email you provide at registration; please check your spam filters.

This series only: non refundable $180 tuition.


Zoom based Beginner Poi Fire Dancing Boot Camp 7 month program, first of 7 non-refundable tuition payments of $125. 

Tuition includes…

  • Zoom Videos: Full paying students receive access to the Zoom recordings of the classes to play over and over as a learning reference.
  • Pre-recorded Videos: All students receive access to our 4 hour pre-recorded Beginner Moves Video Training series offering more compact videos covering the same material without specific feedback for each student from the live Zoom
  • Practice Guide: 20 page manual and index of the videos
  • When: 40 minutes per session, 2x a week (80 minutes per week) 4:30 PM Pacific (UTC-7) Tuesdays and Thursdays in 2020:
    • Week 1: 10.27, 10.29
    • Week 2: 11.3, 11.5
    • Week 3: 11.10, 11.12
    • Week 4: 11. 17, 11.19
    • Week 5: 12.1, 12.3
    • Week 6: 12.8, 12.10
  • Where: Classes will be held over Zoom
  • Who: 9-10+ year old able-bodied humans with space enough to spin 2 objects the length of their arms around them who have access to reliable network connectivity over Zoom. If you have no experience, this class is definitely for you. If you have limited experience then this class is probably for you — contact GlitterGirl (glittergirl [that pretty little at sign] templeofpoi [daaaaaaught] com) to set up your free assessment to see where you fit in our curriculum.

Is this for me?

Beginner Poi Fire Dancing Classes
Artist: GlitterGirl Photo: Aaron Sesker
  • Does your “new normal” need a new hobby?
  • Looking for more at home physical activity?
  • Want a fun new moving meditation that’s energizing and relaxing at the same time?
  • Need some PhysEd sessions for your kids while you’re home schooling?
  • Instead of that coffee break, want a fun and challenging afternoon pick-me-up?
  • Looking to improve your reflexes and increase bilateral coordination?
  • Are you Bored In the House?
  • Want to learn a new party trick for when we’re finally out at parties again?
  • Is your monkey-mind getting the better of you and every tool you’ve been using hasn’t worked?

If so, time to ignite your inner flame this spring with poi dancing where you’ll meditate, exercise, express yourself and co-create a welcoming community while you develop some impressive party tricks too!

Begin your journey with this offering, the first in our Beginner Poi 3-course series. Beginner Poi Moves 6-week series teaches over 50+ different moves and combinations plus 25+ different drills to support your practice. This class is appropriate for those with absolutely no experience through early beginners with a few moves but not a lot of vocabulary, comprehension, technique and confidence.

Ready to sign up?

Register here with your non refundable $180 tuition for 12 classes, 40 minutes 2x a week (Tu/Th), 4:30 PM PT, 7:30 PM ET, for 6 weeks, October 27 through December 10, 2020. We will contact you at the email you provide at registration; please check your spam filters.

This series only: non refundable $180 tuition.


Zoom based Beginner Poi Fire Dancing Boot Camp 7 month program, first of 7 non-refundable tuition payments of $125. 

About Temple of Poi Classes

Since 2002, we’ve taught thousands of students real time, mostly in person, with outstanding results (see testimonials below). We transitioned to running classes over Zoom mid March 2020. The “classroom” has two camera angles to help with the teaching process created by two logins to Zoom. One of them shows the students in front of the teacher on a huge screen Brady Bunch style to make it easy to see students and offer direct feedback on what might help in their execution. The other is a view of the teacher from behind doing the movements, allowing students to more easily model the material. The instructor wears a mic for quality sound regardless of position relative to the camera’s mic.

Each class is divided into the following class structure:

  • quick check-in & accountability circle, questions, review
  • new move clinic, individual work, drills, practice
  • homework assignments, notes, review, wrap-up circle

This is a Practice

While some practitioners are naturally gifted and don’t seem to do much outside of class, the rest of us mere mortals will find ourselves in need of practice, which is an opportunity to see who you are in how you show up for your practice. Do you make goals and take it seriously? Do you meet your goals? Do you push through when you’re struggling? Do you give in when you know that isn’t what would serve you most? What do you do when the poi keep hitting you and you’re frustrated? Do you persevere in the face of extraordinary obstacles?


Students are asked to consider the following:

  • You can’t control how long it will take to learn a move, only how long you’re willing to spend trying to learn it, thus goals based on achieving a certain amount of progress that may be unattainable often make for an ineffective goals since they cause more frustration than inspiration.
  • What is your practice goal? When creating a goal, we suggest you structure the goal in terms of minutes/hours per week or day, as appropriate for your needs.
  • Are you willing to commit yourself to practice over the next 6 weeks to get the most value for your time and tuition?
  • Poi is a practice, not a destination. It requires a lot of repetition. What has you trying this practice and what will keep you motivated when you have your doubts?

Video Previews

Students who apply themselves throughout the 6 weeks will be able to execute the follow the leader video below with varying degrees of adeptness relative to their practice (or comparable flow using these moves and/or others taught in this series).

The following video gives a rough overview of the material being taught in this series. 

Additional Information

  • You will need to have your own practice poi. For beginners who are uncertain they will continue with the practice, we recommend you make your first set out of household items. 
  • If you’re looking to purchase your first LED set, we recommend the PodPoi from Flowtoys.
  • Some payment plans are available so please inquire with GlitterGirl directly
  • Join our mailing list here and keep up to date on classes, events, performances, jams as well as articles and videos to support your learning.
  • Class will be taught by GlitterGirl.


Register here with your non refundable $180 tuition for 12 classes, 40 minutes 2x a week (Tu/F), 11:30 AM UTC-7, 6:30 PM UTC,  for 6 weeks, September 22 through October 30,  2020. We will contact you at the email you provide at registration; please check your spam filters.  

This series only: non refundable $180 tuition.


Zoom based Beginner Poi Fire Dancing Boot Camp 7 month program, first of 7 non-refundable tuition payments of $125. 



  • Is the Zoom Class the same as watching free videos on YouTube? 
    • No, not at all. A YouTube video will always say the same thing at the 3 minute time code whereas live classes, while intended to teach the same material, are responsive to students needs and structured specifically to meet students where they are in their practice. As educators, our job is to communicate in the language each student needs rather than saying the same thing and assuming everyone will understand it. To that end, we present the information in various ways until it clicks with the practitioner.
  • Will I get personalized feedback on what I’m doing while the class is running?
    • Yes! Part of the variations in content lesson to lesson comes from the specific feedback offered to each student. Where you might be able to turn left when everyone is turning right in a Modern, Jazz or Hip-Hop class with little to no impact, it’s often the case that a misstep in poi means a bop in the face, making it much harder to fake it.
  • Can I ask questions?
    • Yes — and we encourage it! Unlike some dance classes where you are anonymous in the back of the room with little or no relationship to the teacher and your peers, we strive to create a community wherein people are honored as individuals with different strengths and weaknesses. Each class opens with a check-in and questions so we can share our experiences: if you’ve got that question, chances are, other people have had that same question too.  We also do checkins throughout the class where people can ask questions that are specific to the material we are learning.
  • How can you give everyone feedback while teaching a group?
    • In short, we’ve set this up like a dance studio. Instead of using mirrors, we have two cameras for the instructor. One camera offers the back view as the spotlighted camera during the teaching section. In front of the teacher is a large screen with the students on it in “Brady Bunch” squares which allows the teacher to see the students real time and offer feedback to everyone while the students are watching the teacher from behind for ease of modeling the new material.
  • D534A380-2E89-4656-A026-1F04B85EFED5Do I have to practice outside of class?
    • While a small percentage of students do progress simply by attending class and being attentive, that is very rare. If you’re interested in success in the practice, we recommend at least 3 20 minute sessions outside of class per week. As with most things in life, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.
  • I’m not sure how I’ll do with the practice. Do I need to invest in expensive poi to try this?
    • No! In fact, we recommend you make your first set out of household items that are soft and, as you gain excitement and confidence, acquire more fun poi tools. Hundreds of students have purchased LED poi as a reward when they achieve a particular set of goals in their practice, which ensures the investment is a smart one. Before making a purchase, please confer with us for a product recommendation. Not all LED poi are created equally and the less expensive ones often end up in the landfill because they’re often low quality.
  • I’m uncoordinated and have two left feet. I’m drawn to it, but can someone like me really do this? 
    • Yes! You can! The short answer is that the way we teach is designed to help you, step by step, get from being a dork (let’s face it, you will hit yourself and feel like a dork in the beginning) to finding your flow with a curriculum that helps you build the skills you need. Here’s a longer answer from GlitterGirl talking about some transformational experiences students had with poi over the years.
  • What happens after I sign up?
    • After sign up, students will be contacted at the email address provided during the payment process. Please be sure to check your spam filters and use an email address that you check for correspondence. After sign up, you’ll be granted access to the 27 videos and manual from the Beginner Moves Video Training series to download for your reference. That download link will expire in 48 hours; please be sure you download the videos if you’ll want to retain access to them.
  • 27 videos seems like a lot. What are they? What do I do with them?
    • The videos cover all the material for all 6 weeks in pre-recorded fashion for anyone who wants to get an extra jump on things, re-review in a crisp format (rather than looking through the Zoom videos) and in a higher quality video format. You don’t need to use them; they are a resource you can choose to use — like a toolbox with tools in it — should that serve your practice.

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