Fitness, Practice, Language & Success

Today's topic is about using language to structure our fitness and practice goals to garner greater success. Certainly, there's a lot of useful information to assist in building better results in the articles 10 Techniques for Getting the Most out of Your 10,000 hours and 6 Steps to Creating your 30 day Challenge though I'm pretty sure this topic deserves it's own article.Have you ever... Continue Reading →

8 Excuse-Stopping Practice Tips

Best as I can tell, most humans struggle at one point or another with motivation and the insidious excuses that come with the sometimes chore of practicing. Whether the practice is a flow tool, a musical instrument, finding yourself at the gym, running, yoga or something else, it's really easy to find excuses and allow... Continue Reading →

Cleaning the Glass

Imagine you're sitting with your friend at two desks and both of you are facing each other. In between the two desks is a tall piece of plexiglass. Imagine that each idea you share with your friend is encapsulated in a ball of energy which requires a soft lob over the glass. You pass, your... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Poi (And Other Flow Arts)

As with other experiences, poi practitioners can apply themselves with varying degrees of rigor to the study of Poi. As one's practice becomes more rigorous, the benefits also become more expansive and comprehensive and extend beyond being about "having a good time" to include all of the following: Increases self esteem Elevates self awareness Develops... Continue Reading →

Preventing Poi Injuries

As someone who was diagnosed with repetitive stress injury (RSI) in her 20's, Temple of Poi founder Isa GlitterGirl Isaacs has spent over a decade using poi as both a rehabilitation and her primary form of strength, endurance and exercise training. Because of her keen awareness of the challenges that arise from overuse (which caused... Continue Reading →

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