Call for Artists: 2014 Union Square Fire Dancing Expo

Jump Links: Overview Purpose Compensation Travel Stipends How to Apply What email Address to use What to Submit Video Audition Application Categories Stage Time Call Time Tosses Spin Off Fuel Prohibited Tools/Acts Costume Requirements Props Fire on the Stage Deadlines Rules Exceptions Extinguishment Mindset Backstage Cauldrons Selection Criteria Housing Performer only Photo shoot Getting Videos... Continue Reading →

Why Pay for Lessons?

With the proliferation of festivals, skill shares and videos on line, it's a natural question to ask, "Why pay for lessons?" It recently came up on an on line forum, and we took a little time to formulate an answer for those who are wondering what they might gain from classes they can't get at... Continue Reading →

2014 Poi Performance Boot Camp

The 2014 Performance Boot Camp is a 12 week intensive program for early intermediate students and beginning performers focused on several areas of development. The program meets 80 - 160 minutes per week with different areas of focus for each session. The overall focus will be to perform in the 2014 Union Square Fire Dancing... Continue Reading →

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