Why Pay for Lessons?

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Why pay for poi lessons? With the proliferation of festivals, skill shares and videos on line, it’s a natural question to ask, “Why pay for lessons?” It recently came up on an on line forum, and we took a little time to formulate an answer for those who are wondering what they might gain from classes they can’t get at home. As someone who learned without paid instruction (or any real instruction, for that matter), I can appreciate that for some, “going to school” is not the method that will support them best. That said, for those interested, here are some benefits of paid instruction with a quality instructor:

  • Students get direct feedback from an instructor who has worked with hundreds if not thousands of people in their learning process
  • Instructor feedback often dramatically reduces the learning time because as a trained coach, the instructor can pinpoint the trouble spots others may not see and offer drills, techniques and methods to push the student to a new level
  • We foster a safe environment in which to experience the dorkiness that is often beginning poi
  • Co-creating a communal experience where students can meet like minded people and find other’s with whom to practice — indeed, Temple of Poi has fostered many life long relationships and beautiful friendships
  • Validation through learning together, making it more fun for students who have the opportunity to be on the journey with other beginners at their level
  • Unlike videos or skill shares, when paying an instructor for lessons, there is a shared contract and a sense of accountability. In contrast, a video may not work; a person may not feel like teaching you something at a skill share, and in the end, you have no guarantee you will get anything from your investment in either case
  • Working with instructors through time facilitates faster growth because of deeper levels of trust, rapport and understanding between the student and instructor

To be honest, if you have a lot more time than money, classes probably make less sense. Most of our clients are professionals with jobs who have more money than time. For them, a class with a proven record of significant results is often an easier, more predictable and reliable way to move forward with the practice, especially since there is a mutual contract.

In the end, everyone spins for their own reasons. Temple of Poi provides a particular experience that students can take in small amounts or large ones to the degree they choose. They can come to class and do no practice at home or do 5 hours every day. We will give them more information if the baseline curriculum is too slow. And if not, we’ll work with them at that pace too. As you probably already know, practice is what creates style and skill, not an instructor. 😉

Consider joining us for our Introduction to Poi class if you want a low commitment (one night only) and an opportunity to see what it’s like in a classroom environment. And hey, you can bring a friend for half price using our Flash in the Pan Holiday Special.

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