2014 Poi Performance Boot Camp

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Poi Performance Boot Camp

Artists: Will Long, Connor White, Paul McCluskey (L to R)
Photo: Dave Kap

The 2014 Performance Boot Camp is a 12 week intensive program for early intermediate students and beginning performers focused on several areas of development. The program meets 80 – 160 minutes per week with different areas of focus for each session. The overall focus will be to perform in the 2014 Union Square Fire Dancing Expo, tentatively set for April 26, 2014 at 8 PM in San Francisco’s Union Square.

In addition students will:

  • work with a small group to perform a piece, approximately 2 minutes in length, on fire, at the Expo
  • learn choreography (under 2 minute piece for a group of 7-12ish people is what we expect, though it won’t happen with less than 5 or more than 16)
  • gain experience performing in front of a large (~3,500 people) audience
  • reduce performance anxiety and increase performance confidence by working as an artist without needing to choreograph the piece or find someone to direct the experience
  • have fun
  • share an extreme and empowering experience

How it works:

GlitterGirl will choreograph the piece based on the information gathered in the first session and the overall vision of the piece. To maintain the mystique of the piece to the general public, we have password protected the description and vision information about the performance on this web page — contact GlitterGirl directly for the password. The overall vibe will be fun, energetic, culturally referenced and a bit comedic in a somewhat kitschy way. Before signing up, please be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into because the concept, tone and song (though not exact remix) have already been set, assuming we can find a remix we can work with.

The 2014 class dates are listed below and a more detailed overview of the curriculum can be found in the table below. All sessions meet at 8 – 9:20 PM. January and February sessions are on Mondays. March Sessions are Monday and Tuesday. April sessions are Tuesday and Thursday. Note that there are more sessions in April closer to the show to have more fire rehearsals just before the performance.

  • January 27
  • February 3, 10, 24
  • March 3, 10, 11, 17, 18, 31
  • April 1, 8, 15, 17, 22, 24
  • optional: walk through, april 25
  • Expo 26 (unconfirmed date to be confirmed as soon as possible)

If you’re interested in getting a sense of what a boot camp performance looks like, check out this 2013 performance by The TailSpinners, student who had been spinning for about 7 months at the time of the performance and check out other examples of this performance boot camp through this playlist.

Course Overview Table

Key for Topic column:

  • Learn: the course will have 8 sessions where students learn approximately 15 seconds of choreography in each session. This consists of going through the moves, doing them in order, and understanding what moves need to be refined or learned to execute the moves in order. In addition, students will be able to take video of the moves as well for personal use only (not to be published to the internet or sold in any way) to assist them in their practice at home.
  • Drill: these sessions will focus on trouble spots in the piece where the students don’t flow well overall. The general technique will be to assess the weakest section in the moment for the group as a whole, drill that and then find the next weakest section and drill that, repeating as needed until the class can run through the piece from beginning to end.
  • Run through: these sessions are focused on repeating the piece again and again, watching a video after each performance so students can see what needs improvement. Video feedback becomes a very important part of the learning process, allowing students to see directly where timing, blocking, positioning and other aspects of the performance can be improved.
  • Fire: these sessions will be like the run through sessions though they will be done with fire.
  • Walk Through: this is an optional meeting that will be brief the night before the Expo where GlitterGirl will walk artists through the stage and backstage area to help answer questions and familiarize the artists with the space, where to go, where to tell their family and friends to go and other relevant logistical information. This is optional and highly recommended as you will get to meet other artists which makes for a more fun backstage experience.

Key for Location column:

  • Lines sessions will be located at 26 7th Street, 5th floor, studio 4.
  • Mint sessions will be located at Mint Plaza, near the Temple, behind the Mint building on 5th and Mission and Mint and Mission. These sessions will be out doors to help get you comfortable in an open space with wind.
  • JHP sessions will meet at Justin Herman Plaza next to the Hyatt Regency on the plaza. These sessions will be with fire and students will need to bring fuel.
Session #
Topic Date Location
Introduction, assessment, and Q&A 1.27.14 Lines
Learn Section 2.3.14 Lines
Learn Section 2.10.14 Lines
Learn Section 2.24.14 Lines
Learn Section 3.3.14 Lines
Learn Section 3.10.14 Lines
Learn Section 3.11.14 Mint
Learn Section 3.17.14 Line
Learn Section 3.18.14 Mint
Drill 3.31.14 Lines
Drill & Run through 4.1.14 Mint
Run through 4.8.14 Mint
Run through 4.15.14 Mint
Fire 4.17.14 JHP
Fire 4.22.14 JHP
Fire: Final dress rehearsal 4.24.14 JPH
Walk Through 4.25.14 Union Square
Temple of Poi 2007 Fire Dancing Expo  4.26.14 Union Square

In addition to the group sessions, each student will schedule 1 20 minute private session in March or April. We will set up private sessions as needed since these can be used to make up for misses sessions, trouble spots and any additional help students need on a individual basis.

Other information

  • Please note, this performance will be with white gas and students will need to move to white gas before the show.
  • Students will incur additional expenses associated with the show including:
    • white gas for practicing
    • leather gloves as part of the costume
    • kevlar gauntlets as part of the costume (we have a recommendation so please talk to GlitterGirl directly if you don’t yet have a set)
    • costume, tbd first night of class and through out series — see the concept document for more details


  • This intensive includes: 16 80 minute sessions: list price at $30 per session is $480; plus 1 20 minute private session: list price $45.
  • Total list price is $525 but we’ll give you this entire package for $500 event. Tuition does not include gear, costumes, fuel, insurance and other expenses performers may incur.
  • Students should not join this series if they know they will miss more than 2 sessions. Students should not sign up if they will miss any sessions the week of the show as missing dress rehearsals can be stressful for the whole group.
  • Note: all payments are due even if students misses classes or drops the series; 1st payment due via paypal and all subsequent payments due in CASH on or before the 15th of each month. payments are non refundable and non transferable; makeup sessions are available for an additional discounted fee of $90/hour for a private session and $125/hour total for 2-3 people; initial payment means you agree to these terms

All payments are non-refundable. Please confer with GlitterGirl to see if this class is right for you before signing up. 

5 Month payment plan, January through May inclusive, $100 a month. All subsequent payments due in cash on the 15th of each month starting in February.
5 Month payment plan, January through April inclusive, $125 a month. All subsequent payments due in cash on the 15th of each month starting in February.
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