Beginner Fire, Wednesdays, 8 PM, Just added!

Course Overview This is a four week course presents extensive fire poi safety information and focuses on students becoming familiar with burning fire poi comfortably and safely. Students garner information about safety practices, building fire poi rigs, lighting fire poi and each student will have an opportunity to spin fire poi and practice being a... Continue Reading →

Beginner Poi Dance, Mondays, 8 PM, Just Added!

Develop transitions and beginner performance theory in this 4 week dance series. This class is the perfect follow up to the Beginner Moves class (or equivalent material: pinwheels, windmills, chasing the sun, butterflies and weaves). If you have some experience and aren't sure if this class is for you, contact GlitterGirl (glittergirl <that crazy little at symbol>... Continue Reading →

Save the Date! 2014 Union Square Fire Dancing Expo!

Join us April 26, 2014 at 8 PM in Union Square for the 9th Annual Union Square Fire Dancing Expo, the Western Hemisphere's largest, free, legal public fire-dancing showcase. This 80 minute program will feature the following: Heather Denham (hoop) Tori Johnson (poi) Knick-Knack (poi) Mochitoki (dragon staff) Thrift Shop Girlz (fan) GlitterGirl, Nova & The... Continue Reading →

FireDrums: What are Instructors Upset About?

After publishing the article, "FireDrums: Disclose Your Financials?", people have asked, "Why do people care what the instructors are being paid?" If I could draw an analogy, I'd say I suppose I don't need to care that there is <racism, sexism, discrimination, slave labor, homophobia, <insert some other problem here>> in the world. Of course,... Continue Reading →

FireDrums: “Disclose your financials?”

There's been a request by the fire dancing community that attends Fire Drums, the first fire festival in the US (if not the world), for the company owners at the Fire Arts Institute (formerly known as Axis Mundi Collective) to release their financials in response to some community outcries about instructors not getting paid. Fire... Continue Reading →

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