Mini Documentary on Big Screen

On June 13, The Method, a mini documentary about the teaching method and Flowology Mindset used at Temple of Poi, will be showing on the big screen at Embarcadero Center Cinema, Theater 1, as part of the AI 2018 Film Festival. Admission is free, so don‚Äôt let funds stop you! This movie was produced by... Continue Reading →

Video Lessons over the Internet

"I can't learn from videos!" We hear it all the time from students who find any one of the following problems with learning from internet videos: some language doesn't make sense the instruction is confusing the instructor isn't using words the student understands (i.e., too much jargon) videos assume a base level of knowledge the... Continue Reading →

July Poi One Minute Flow Videos (July 2017)

Be sure to check out the additional drill, combo and education videos this month Here are the July poi flow videos from GlitterGirl's Instagram Channel.    

Beginner Fan One Minute Lessons

If you're new to fans and looking for some quick direction on how to get started, we have some help for you. This summer, GlitterGirl took some time to get some easy to follow beginner fan videos on line on Instagram. In case you haven't seen them, here's you go! Part 1 of 3: Intro... Continue Reading →

Pixel Poi: Future Poi Micro on Video

Earlier this year, a client lent me their Mood Hoops Future Poi Micro, perhaps the lowest end pixel poi model I've seen with the most affordable price at only $129, comparable pricing to PodPoi with knobs. The tool is okay but its somewhat lacking in two areas. First, the lights are only on one side... Continue Reading →

April 2017 Flow Videos

In case you're not subscribed to GlitterGirl's Instagram channel or don't watch regularly, here's some fun flow videos from Spring of 2017.          

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