Video Lessons over the Internet

Fire Poi Dancing
Artist: GlitterGirl | Photo: Dalton Chan

“I can’t learn from videos!” We hear it all the time from students who find any one of the following problems with learning from internet videos:

  • some language doesn’t make sense
  • the instruction is confusing
  • the instructor isn’t using words the student understands (i.e., too much jargon)
  • videos assume a base level of knowledge the student may not have
  • videos may assume students learned in a particular order and don’t account for pre-requisites that would make learning a particular move/combo/pattern/sequence easier
  • material doesn’t help the student progress
  • students can’t tell if they are doing what the video is doing
  • instructors aren’t available to ask questions
  • students can’t comprehend what’s going on simply by looking at it
  • even if they can see what’s going on, they don’t know how it’s supposed to feel and get lost from the video alone

At Temple of Poi, we believe the most important part of education is the customized feedback you get about where you’re stuck in that moment. Recorded videos, unfortunately, can never offer anything more than the recording which includes the invaluable feedback a skilled coach can offer simply by reviewing your work and giving you often subtle feedback about your movements. Recordings will always say the same thing and there’s no reason to believe watching it 100 more times after you’ve exhausted the content will yield better results than watching it the first 20 times which is where many find frustration with learning over the internet these days.

Because, in the end, students have no way to get additional help from a static video, if they aren’t strong visual learners who are “monkey see monkey do” types, they end up frustrated and give up, or worse, feel “stupid” because other people can learn from videos and they can’t.

If this sounds like your experience and you’re not near a local instructor, we have the answer for you!

Temple of Poi is pleased to announce it’s latest teaching option to anyone anywhere in the world (with a stable internet connection). This includes a combination of specific recorded videos as the first step in your education, not the final and/or only step. After working with the video, you’ll then also work real time over video to get feedback specific to your needs and your precise learning opportunities.

Here’s how it all works.

  1. First, contact GlitterGirl directly and let her know what you’re looking to study. After she contacts you for a brief assessment, if you mutually decide it is a good fit, you’ll create a plan for you to move forward which will be presented to you as a statement of work. This could be one video or a series of videos followed by one or many follow up sessions, depending on your specific goals and current obstacles. Material covered could be anything including drills, moves, combination, choreography, performance coaching, teacher training, business coaching and anything else that makes sense to facilitate you achieving your objectives.
  2. Once you’ve collectively formulated and agree to the statement of work, you’ll pay a 50% deposit.
  3. Next GlitterGirl will either make and send or send an existing starter video(s) with instructions for the material you’re looking to learn.
  4. You will download and study the video(s) until you have gotten as far as you can.
  5. To assist in having an objective view of what you’re doing that you can look at from the outside rather than attempt to trouble shoot while working on it, you’ll then make a video of where you’re stuck and send it to GlitterGirl
  6. At this point, you’ll pay the 50% final payment.
  7. After the final payment is received, you will schedule your 1 on 1 video session with GlitterGirl using either Facetime, Facebook messenger or some other mutually agreed to video communication service.
  8. During your video lesson with GlitterGirl, you will collectively review the video you sent about where you’re stuck as the starting point for the live lesson and GlitterGirl will offer coaching on how to move forward from there.

For a limited time only as a special introductory offer and a low risk opportunity to see if this is for you, for students new to video lessons, GlitterGirl is offering a discounted 10 for 10 deal where students may get a 10 minute private live lesson for only $10, which will include the aforementioned starter video(s) referenced in step 3 above.

To get started, contact GlitterGirl now to set up your assessment and see if this is right for you and your practice.


Need business coaching? Contact GlitterGirl directly or subscribe to our newsletter for mailbox delivery of this and other articles written by Temple of Poi founder and visionary, GlitterGirl, who has been a full time flow arts coach and instructor since 2002. If you seek prop coaching, business training or guidance associated with creating a safe performance, obtaining a permit in San Francisco or other personalized coaching, contact GlitterGirl directly for a free consultation (GlitterGirl <that pretty little ‘at’ symbol> TempleOfPoi <daaaaaaaught> com).

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