Pixel Poi: Future Poi Micro on Video

Earlier this year, a client lent me their Mood Hoops Future Poi Micro, perhaps the lowest end pixel poi model I’ve seen with the most affordable price at only $129, comparable pricing to PodPoi with knobs. The tool is okay but its somewhat lacking in two areas. First, the lights are only on one side of the tube which really impacts how the pixels show up — you’ll probably notice in parts of the video if you look for it. Second, they aren’t as bright as they could be because of the relatively small number of lights in the stick as compared to their higher end models.

Still, for the price, the poi head itself is pretty great, although I’m not at all a fan of their assembly technique for the leash. Since it’s customizable though, it’s a relatively small complaint and at the $129 price tag, really not even worth considering complaining about. Here are a few clips of these poi so you can see how cool they are yourself. You can contrast them to the Future Poi Remote in this blog post as well.



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I'm not sure what you'd call this — alternating atomic c-cap quadrants ? It starts out with a cap on the side plans bottom, then moves to the other side (from the bottom) to the bottom (the one in the side moves there) and then back again. This is the move we were doing in class @lllaurenelaine and Allen, night one. Or, rather, the one we were discussing doing! 😂 @anafigrn, thanks for letting me use the #futurepoimicro! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Templeofpoi #poi #firedancing #performerlife #lifeasart #flowarts #moodhoops #flowlife #yogagirl #practicemakesprogress #poipriestess #foreverstudent #poichat #bodypositive #bodypositiveyoga #flownation #crosstrain #curvyyogis #bodypositivebabe #bodyPOIsitive #bethechangeyouwanttosee #resist #makeamericagreatagain #maga

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