GlitterGirl: On Fire One Minute Videos (Summer 2017)

Here’s a few clips from GlitterGirl from the spring and summer of 2017 from her Instagram channel. First is  a casual burn as a demonstration for one of the Beginner Fire classes this spring where GlitterGirl is getting down to an upbeat remix of “Keep On Dancing” while breaking in virgin wicks. Followed by a short clip from that same evening toward the end of the same burn. The last two clips are from the June and July fire jams.



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I wrote my fire safety manual 12 or 13 years ago now and you'd think I'd have integrated everything into my practice at this point. Foolish me — I really didn't check the ground as related to the camera position when I started and didn't realize until I started spinning glass was everywhere. You can see the bottom of what I think is a Snapple bottle in the lower right part of the frame. Look before you dance! #fffff #firefotosfootageandfun #firejam #safetyfirst . . . . #Templeofpoi #poi #firedancing #performerlife #lifeasart #flowarts #bosswitch #flowlife #yogagirl #practicemakesprogress #poipriestess #foreverstudent #poichat #bodyPOIsitive #flownation #podpoi #popmusic #mashup

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