Beginner Fire on Hold

Course Overview

this is an intermediate class
Custom Hoop Purchase
Artist: GlitterGirl
Photo: Joe Fanvu

This class has been indefinitely put on hold until the c19 situation resolves itself more clearly.

This a four week course presents extensive fire (poi and other tool) safety information and focuses on students becoming familiar with burning fire poi/props comfortably and safely. Students garner information about safety practices, building fire poi (hoops, fans, and staves) rigs, lighting fire poi (and other props) and each student will have an opportunity to spin fire poi and practice being a fire safety person for other students. For students who wish to take this class for another fire prop (not fire breathing or eating), while we are reviewing specific procedures for poi props in class two, we will also review your prop so bring it for the second portion of the fire safety lecture on night 2.

Students are responsible for getting their own prop which they should bring to the second class to review safety procedures specific to their prop. Students who do not wish to buy a prop can borrow poi the second night. For recommendations, please contact GlitterGirl directly to consult on the best choice at glittergirl templeOfPoi daught com or come with questions night two of the fire series. If you are working with other props, you are also expected to have your own tools.


Students must have a working knowledge of poi or their chosen prop and have either taken the Beginner Poi Moves Class or performed competently for one of the certified Temple of Poi instructors.

Course Overview

Each of the classes meets for 80 minutes, one time per week. This is a four week series.

COVID-19 Update (March 26): if the social distancing mandate is in place when this class is set to start, class will be pushed to a later date. More as things unfold.

Class One The first class in this series will discuss in detail on fire poi safety (slightly more complex than hoop, fan or staff as the chain can wrap around the artist) and various practices a beginner should be aware of. The instructor will refer you to written fire safety information for your reference allowing you to focus fully in class without needing to take notes. Topics covered will include: safe clothing, fuels, common practices, storing materials, and practical information fire poi dancers should be aware of as well as Q&A and anecdotes related to the safety material. This class is a lecture based class. As part of your tuition, students are encouraged to bring as many friends, family and fans as they wish to educate to support them in their fire safety procedures. Students are encouraged to bring the people they plan to spin fire around to these classes so they can be properly educated. Your guests will also practice extinguishing props and acting as a designated safety person for you.

Class Two The second class in this series focuses on beginner practice with the prop with mock extinguishment drills after we complete the fire safety lecture, review the specific props you purchased or will purchase for protocols and features associated with them and take a short review exam to help solidify your fire safety knowledge. The exam is for learning purposes only and for your reference.

Classes Three and Four These two classes allow each student an opportunity to both spin fire poi and act as a fire safety person to other students spinning fire. Class three is structured so that each student can have a solo opportunity as both a safety person and fire performer, while class four allows for a “renegade burn” style of instruction.

Logistics All classes meet at 8-9:20 PM in 2020. Classes 1 & 2 (April 23 & 30) will meet at Temple of Poi (953 Mission Street, convene outside suite 11 in the basement behind the stairs). Classes 3 & 4 (May 7 & 14) will convene at the Temple to drop off personal effects and then move to an alley nearby for the fire portion.

Tuition and Materials Students can attain the greatest long term discount by signing up for the Temple of Poi Beginner Poi Boot Camp program which offers a 20% discount on 7 months worth of classes which includes the fire series in the cost. Students registering for the Beginner Poi Dance and Beginning Poi Fire Class Series receive a 23% discount when paying for both sessions at once. Regular tuition is $240 for both series when taken individually ($120 each) and the combined discounted tuition is $200. In addition to tuition, this class also requires students purchase their own fire rig and safety cloth if they do not already have equipment with which to spin fire unless they wish to borrow poi for the class from us. Students will also need to acquire fuel, the type and location where they can be acquired will be explained in classes 1 & 2.

Register here for the April 23, 2020 4 week Fire Class only with your 50% deposit – balance ($60) due IN CASH the first night of class: (Note: All deposits are non refundable!)

Register here for the March 31, 2020 Beginner Dance Series and the April 23, 2020 Beginner Fire Class – $100 balance due IN CASH the first night of class – Please note there you must also acquire your own fire gear by the second class. (Note: All deposits are non refundable!)

For the best value, join the Beginner Boot Camp (which includes: Beginner Fire, Beginner Dance, $88 in videos to accompany class material, 2 30 minute private lessons and 15 drop-in intermediate class credits), a 7 month program for $100 a month which will set you up perfectly for performing by Burning Man if you start by the beginning of spring trimester (Students are encouraged to take the Beginner Poi Moves series before joining the boot camp.) By clicking this link you agree to make 7 payments of $100 regardless of your attendance at each session. The first payment may be made using this link and the additional 6 payments are due in cash directly to GlitterGirl or through the mail slot at Temple of Poi by the 15th of each month from May 15, 2020 until and including October 15, 2020. This payment is non refundable. (Note: All deposits are non refundable!)

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