2019-2020 Beginner Poi Boot Camp – Beginner Fire Dancing Classes


Beginner Fire Poi Classes
Artist: GlitterGirl Photo: Don Albonico

As of September 1, 2017 we have a new version of the 7 month program designed for beginner poi artists where we’ll teach you enough to get you started and help you impress your friends and family as you bring your inner fire performer to life. Our boot camp program has 2 phases:

  • Beginner Phase: during the beginner classes, the material is taught in sequence in courses that meet weekly on a fixed schedule. Students sign up for the Beginner Poi Moves section that best suits their schedule and then progresses to the Beginner Poi Dance Series and finally the Beginner Fire Class. While the Beginner Poi Moves series must be taken before the other two, beyond that, there isn’t a strict requirement of the order for the classes. 95% of all Beginner Moves classes and Beginner Fire Classes are held at Temple of Poi (953 Mission Street) and 75% of the dance classes are held at Lines Ballet (26 7th St) with the rest at Temple of Poi.
  • Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Phase: After students have completed the 3 beginner level classes, they then have 15 drop in classes to be taken in any of the intermediate classes listed on the schedule. Material varies by trimester and not all courses are offered each session. Students may drop in on class 1 and 2 for any of the intermediate/advanced mixed level series as part of the boot camp though they should confer with Temple of Poi staff before dropping in on classes 3 or 4 of a series if they have not yet taken either class 1 or 2. Most (95%) of all intermediate/advanced poi sessions are held on Monday and Tuesday (for Fall 2014) nights at 8 pm at Lines Ballet (26 7th Street). Because these classes are mixed level and aren’t always sequential, this allows for much more flexible scheduling, though all sessions are intended to be completed in approximately 7 months.

New Payment Option

Starting in 2015, we’re now offering a 9 month version of the program that has a lower monthly payment rate. Here’s how it works:

  • students sign up for the Beginner Poi Moves class and pay full price ($180)
  • at the end of the series, students then join the boot camp and pay 7 more monthly payments.
  • payments 1-7 are $100
  • the other details of the boot camp program remain the same.

Full details and additional information about the program can be found on this Beginner Poi Boot Camp page.

When can I start?

You can join the Boot Camp program starting with any of the open Beginner Poi Moves class series. Check the front page of the website for the current sessions. For students who have already taken Beginner Poi Moves, you can join using this registration button and start attending Intermediate sessions on Tuesday nights at 8 PM at Lines Ballet (Lines Ballet, 26 7th street, 5th floor, studio 4, San Francisco, CA):

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