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> Butterfly, Inward/Overhand Split
5: Butterfly, Overhand Split/Inward

You will need to be able to do the following 4
moves as taught in lessons 1
and 2:


  • This move utilizes both poi spinning in overhand circles in
    front of the body in together time.
  • Begin by practicing the left hand with the poi <10>.
    Repeat this move a few times to get comfortable with it.
  • Next practice the right hand with the poi <8>,
    again, repeating it a few times to gain mastery of it.
  • Bringing your hands to the home sides of the body, gradually
    move them from the side planes to the front plane as you would
    with a rotator. After they are both on the front plane, split
    the timing of the two poi, continue moving them toward the center
    line of your body and, when they have aligned in front of your
    center, sync the timing up so the poi are both moving up and down
    in together time <12>.

  • When doing this movement, one of your hands will be above and
    in front of the other hand. You will gain the greatest flexibility
    in your performance if you learn it such that either hand can
    be above the other.
  • When doing the butterfly, try to keep your hands moving up and
    down rather than towards the side. This will enable you to control
    the poi more effectively <13>.
  • This movement becomes easier to control when you create an internal
    beat for the movement which remains constant through time. This
    beat should have both poi hitting the bottom (6 o’clock) of the
    revolutions at the same time.
  • When you have a sense of the feeling the butterfly movement
    creates in your body, you can begin the movement in a more advanced
    manner as demonstrated here <14
    and 15>.

move type butterfly direction overhand
timing together planes front

1. Right hand,
no poi, back view
2. Right hand, no poi, front view
3. Left hand, no
poi, back view
4. Left hand, no poi, front view
5. Both hands,
no poi, back view
6. Both hands, no poi, front view
7. Right poi, back
8. Right poi, front view
9. Left poi, back
10. Left poi, front view
11. Both poi, back
12. Both poi, front view
13. Up and down motion
14. Advanced start, poi
15. Advanced start, hand

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