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Photo: Waldemar Horwat

Photo: Waldemar Horwat

Take a stroll down memory lane to moves that were hot a decade ago: multi beat movements including the 5 beat weaves, 4 beat corkscrew, 4 beat thread the needle and 4 beat corkscrew plus the behind the back weave, weave with extension and weave turns around along with the opposite direction weave fountain.

This class is loads of fun and is highly recommended for intermediate and advanced students who want to take their skills to the next level exploring useful fundamentals that offer fluidity of motion as much today as they did in 2006.

Join us for this 4 week series meeting Tuesdays (March 1, 8, 15 & 29, 2016) at Lines Ballet, 26 7th Street, 5th Floor, studio 4.  Tuition is $120 for the full series or $35 drop in per class, one intermediate credit in the beginner boot camp package or for the best value, take advantage of the Small Business Saturday Specials Thanksgiving Weekend.

This class will be held in a huge studio with high ceilings. The series is a mixed level class where we will start with a basic concept and continue to build on it throughout each class and the series overall. Students are invited to take the class at their own pace and we adjust the material to accommodate each student’s needs. This series will continue to expand on the concepts by working with turns and combinations that integrate the recently acquired transitions. Remember, each class will have material for all levels and will build so students can pick up move and combinations at their own pace. It is recommended that students:

  • be able to do a 3 beat weave
  • be able to do a corkscrew and pinwheel
  • wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t get in the way behind the back
  • prepare to be active, agile and do core movements

As a reminder, this and all classes at Temple of Poi are taught with the Flowology Mindset practiced rigorously.

The following video provides a set of examples of the type of material we will cover.

Additional Information

  • Students are welcome to bring a video camera to record sessions for personal use only. They may NOT be distributed to others, including your fellow students (without prior authorization of your instructor), in any way, nor posted on the internet or sold.
  • You will need to have your own practice poi, or you can purchase a set from us.
  • Practice poi, if you need them, are available for $20 cash
  • Join our mailing list here and keep up to date on classes, events, performances, jams as well as articles and videos to support your learning.
  • Enjoy free lessons at YouTube.com/GlitterGirlPoi.
  • Want to teach a friend how to poi? Pass it on — they can get a free download of our 20 minute corkscrew lesson here at GotFireDancing.com.
  • Invest in your own video library through our paid for videos in our Beginner Poi Video Lesson LibraryBeginner Poi 5.5 Hour Video CourseIntermediate Courses, and Individual Lessons.

Tuition is one of the following:

  • save $20 — register for the full series for $120 with your 50% deposit using registration link below or
  • $35 cash at the door per night drop-in if space allows or
  • 1 intermediate credit on the beginner boot camp package for each night attended or

This series only! 

Provide your $60 tuition (non refundable but transferrable with 8 days notice) to register now! Please bring the balance to class on March 1, 2016.

Some scholarships available; please inquire with GlitterGirl directly for details.


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