Intro to Poi Drop In Class, May 3, 8 PM!

Artist: GlitterGirl Photo: Brennan Fischer, Brennan Fischer Photo, entry in 2016 Spring Forward Photo Contest
Artist: GlitterGirl
Photo: Brennan Fischer, Brennan Fischer Photo, entry in 2016 Spring Forward Photo Contest

Sign up now and join us for a fun 70 minute class introducing you to the joy of poi, an exercise, meditation and art form focused on helping you gain body awareness, balance, coordination, muscle development, freedom of motion, self expression and a whole lot of fun doing it. This introduction to poi fire dancing class targets beginning students who have limited or no experience with poi.  Please note, for safety reasons, this class will not use fire. If you’re interested in a short term fire class, please consider our Zero to Fire Wielding Fire Experience or check our schedule for our next Introduction to Fire class series. .

Curious what the class is like? Below is a preview video and you can also read this blog review by Nicole Antoinette: Fire Dancing, My Crotch, and things that are simple but not easy.

If you’ve never seen poi fire dancing before, check out this video featuring Temple of Poi Founder, Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs. And if you don’t think fire is for you, check out GlitterGirl and The Amazing Zihni in the video below using rhinestone poi.

Introduction to Poi
Artists: GlitterGirl & Nova
Photo: Jim Fitzgerald

About the Class

This class meets for 70 minutes during which we will introduce you to some fundamental
elements of poi movement. Our classes are small so everyone get personalized attention. The session will include:

  • meet and greet – so everyone feels comfortable playing and practicing together
  • demonstration of poi and movements we’ll learn
  • warm ups
  • introduction of the Flowology Mindset, the foundation of our work
  • drills
  • new moves
  • individual work
  • practice
  • review

We’ll provide poi for you to borrow for the night (or if you’re really excited, get these) so all you need to do is dress in comfortable clothing with no strings hanging and bring a positive attitude designed to have fun and try something new. (Please note: no shoes in the dance studio.)

Class is May 3 at 8 pm in SoMa, San Francisco at Lines Ballet, 26 7th street (5th floor, studio 4) between Mission and Market Streets. The elevator can be slow sometimes so leave ample time.

Attention Groups: If you are trying to take the same session with a group of your friends, it is best to send an email indicating you have a group and reserve all your spots at once or, if you are a group of 12 or more, to schedule your own private session. Registration is filled on a first-come, first-served basis so this will assist you in getting exactly the session you’re looking for with all the people you want in the class.

Please note: you can reschedule a session up to 8 days prior to the start of the class. People who register and do not show forfeit their tuition.

Drop in students pay your non-refundable* tuition now when you register using the link below.

*Tuition is non-refundable though students may transfer to another available session as long as we are notified (by email to glittergirl (that crazy little at symbol) templeofpoi (put in that little dot) com) 8+ days prior to the start time of the session for which you have registered.

If you enjoyed this class and wish to study more, consider our next Beginner Poi Moves Class or our Beginner Poi Fire Dancing Boot Camp program. Please note for ongoing sessions, students will need to have their own practice poi which we sell for $20.

Try Before You Buy offer

If you are interested in trying out poi before committing to our Beginner Poi Moves series, you can take this class for free by following these steps:

  • register for this Intro to Poi drop-in class
  • attend the class
  • that evening after class and before midnight register for an upcoming Beginner Poi Moves class series through the web site with your $80 deposit
  • instead of paying the $100 balance due on night one of the Beginner Poi Moves class, you only pay $70, subtracting the tuition for this Intro to Poi drop-in class.
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