7 Layer Dip: Motion (Layer 5)

Moving forward in our study of the next component of the 7 Layer Dip, we consider the idea of motion from a dance performance perspective and rest our attention on these three main ideas. Motion of the body: this includes movements of the hips, arms, head, legs, chest, torso, fingers and everything else. For a... Continue Reading →

7 Layer Dip: Speed (Layer 4)

Next up in the 7 layer dip is the exploration of speed. Just as size impacts the performance, speed will create the same effect. Often times, artists spin at one speed throughout a performance. Instead, artists might try adding a combination of micro accelerations, micro decelerations and a general sense of swelling with the music.... Continue Reading →

7 Layer Dip: Size (Layer 3)

As we continue our exploration into the 7 Layer Dip, we'll begin focusing on the size layer of the dip. As we already discussed when talking about the height layer of the dip, contrast is really a key piece of performance. Tony Robbins talks about this in his TED talk presentation about the 6 human... Continue Reading →

7 Layer Dip: Skills (layer 1)

Certainly it all starts with basic skills -- butterflys, reels, buzzsaws, flowers, stalls, CAPS and the ever popular old school mainstay of an artists repertoire, the weave. But what you can do with the moves themselves itself is endless in terms of variations. Consider the weave and how you might change the size of it,... Continue Reading →

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