Union Square


Union Square is located in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Tourists abound and street vendors are not uncommon. The square is located between Geary, Powell, Post & Stockton and the stage is on the Post (north) side of the square. Artists should check in from the north.

Public Transportation

  • Coming from the East Bay, get off at the Powell Street Bart stop. Follow Powell Street north to Geary and you’re there! 
  • Within SF, the 38 bus drops you one block from Union Square, as well as anything that stops at the Powell Street Muni Stop


  • Though pricey, the easiest and most convenient parking is just below the garage. Entrances are on Post and Geary. Park near Post to be closest to the stage. 


  • The closest bathroom for performers is in the garage below the stage. To get into that bathroom, one must have a parking garage ticket which is used to swipe open the bathroom door.


  • Dimensions: 70’x30′
  • Depot: directly off the one and only entrance/exit from the stage, upstage left (back side, on the left as you face the audience)
  • Lighting: Varies through twilight to dark. There are no footlights but there are a lot of photographer’s flashes
  • Sound: The steps of the stage have monitors that are pointed up to the stage. We will do a sound check prior to the show.
  • Large Screen TV: Be advised there is an extremely large screen TV in the plaza. This is on the downstage right side of the stage. It is a bit distracting for some performers but really does help with the footage lighting, so all in all, a benefit.
  • Caldrons: There will be 4 on the stage. Please see the map for exact positioning.
  • Safeties: There will be 4 on the stage and several back stage. Please see the map for details.


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