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If you are looking to participate in the Fire Dancing Expo and don’t want to be standing on stage wielding fire, we have lots of opportunities for you to help. Use this signup form if you are those interested in volunteering to help the night of the 2013 show. The night of the show we will need the following volunteers:

Depot Team

Arrival time 6:15pm

This is a team of 10ish people who each are willing to sit out 3-4 pieces and spend their time backstage helping artists fuel their tools, stay calm, prep to get on stage and spin off safely. Your job is:

  • Pre-Show: unloading the car, help set up the depot with the dry wall underneath the dipping trays, fill the caldrons, and be present so the fire marshal can see you there.
  • During the show: to be friendly, keep the buckets filled with fuel, crush and dispose of empty fuel cans, and clean up the depot before the end of the show. Please note, we will have baggies so the last 5-10 acts will all be fueled and ready to go with their props in bags so you can watch the end of the show without responsibilities.
  • End of show: help us load the car and

On Stage Fire Safeties

Arrival time 6:15pm

We need a group of 4-8 people who are on stage trained to extinguish fire. We will also need a safety coordinator to help manage the flow of artists entering and exiting the stage, particularly large groups with lots of fire.

Music Mestro

Arrival time 6:15pm

We need one individual who will sit on the side of the stage near the stage entrance and, using the music cue information provided by the artists, start the music for the artists during their act. They will also end the song at the end of the performance and repeat for each subsequent act. Please note the sound board and speakers are all run by professionals.This person will essentially be running an iPad.

Stage Manager – Filled!

Arrival time 6:15pm

We need one individual who will walk around backstage and give artists their 5, 10 and 15 minute warnings. The stage manager also ensures artists are dipped in time to get on stage promptly.

Backstage Coordinator

Arrival time 6:15pm

This person will oversee the performer support. They will help organize the artists for tool check, answer questions and help give out artists badges at the beginning of the night. They will also coordinate with the security and depot teams as well as the stage manager. They will also help coordinate with the Team Leads and assist them as needed in getting answers. They will have direct access to GlitterGirl for quick answers.

Performer Support

Arrival time 6:15pm

This team of 3-5 people will have badges back stage and will assist with check in, helping artists find their way, coordinating the marshal’s tool inspection, and help the Backstage Coordinator support the artists as needed.

Audience Check In Team & Ushers

Arrival time 6:15pm

We need a team of 8-12 people who will:

  • Check people in at the security check points (audience members with seats, VIPs and photographers who are late arrivals)
  • Help audience members who pre-ordered seats get to their seats
  • Give out programs
  • Greet the crowd and welcome them to the show
  • Get to sit in the reserved section.


(More details coming soon…)

As always, we welcome photographers to join us for this show. Check here closer to the show for details on how to get your photographers pass.


(More details coming soon…)

We are seeking several qualified videographers who can demonstrate quality fire dancing footage to us. We will post more details soon.

Photographer Liaisons

Arrival time 6:15pm

With 50 Photographers, this team of 2-3 will:

  • Give out photographer badges
  • Ensure photographers are clear on the rules for taking photos
  • Manage photographer placement

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