Union Square Fire Dancing Expo Sobriety Agreement

In response to incidents that happened at the 2013 show and in an effort to ensure we are invited back to Union Square moving forward, we are establishing a code of conduct that includes agreements around sobriety. These standards are in place because multiple organizations watch us when we are on stage and backstage and what each of us does reflects on the show as a whole as well as GlitterGirl, the producer, in a very personal manner.

To participate in the show, each artist in every act must agree to these standards:

  • you will be present and sober for your performance
  • if one of our selection panel, depot crew, stage manager or security guards questions your sobriety, you (and all groups of which you are a part) will not be allowed to perform, though you may appeal to GlitterGirl and, at her discretion, she may overrule the previous concerns.
    Note from GlitterGirl: This is highly UNLIKELY because if you look like you’re not in control of yourself, that reflect badly on me and then I look like an idiot. I don’t like looking like an idiot. 
  • if your breath smells of alcohol back stage, you and all the members of your act will be asked to leave and you will not be allowed to perform
  • if you are observed drinking alcohol by any of the aforementioned crew, you and all the members of your act will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to perform
  • after your performance is done, if you want to go off and get blitzed, great. Do not come back for your bow, let us know in advance so we don’t call your groups name for the final bow and for the love of this event, do not go backstage drunk later so please take all your belongings with you.


Note: Each person in every act that is accepted in the show will individually need to email GlitterGirl at glittergirlpoipriestess (that fancy little at symbol) gmail (daaaaaaaughtttttt) com <—– funky spelling to protect from bots. 🙂 


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