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5 Criteria To Help You Decide if Someone is Ready to Spin Fire

September 8, 2014 by


As the fire spinning and fire dancing art form keeps growing, more and more artists are looking to learn how to spin fire. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to resources like our Beginner Fire Class where we run students through the process with a hands on approach over a 4 week period of time where they […]

Unsafe Fire Performers Hindering My Gigs: What do I do?

July 21, 2014 by


No doubt this is a serious situation and over recent months, it’s presented itself in multiple contexts to me, so I took some time to write this article in response to this question: “There’s so many new performers that aren’t safe and uninsured. It’s starting to hinder gigs cause the fire marshal is cracking down on […]

10 Renegade Fire Jam Safety Issues & Solutions

June 23, 2014 by


Editor’s note: We encourage people to get safety training and to have trained fire safety personnel who have actually extinguished tools before present with fire blankets and at the ready when spinning and in general, we support the NAFAA recommendations for fire safety. Fire jam’s are a unique situation where the line between participant and audience (particularly […]

The (Cat) Club – On Fire!

November 17, 2013 by


A few weeks ago, this video showed up in my Google alerts for fire spinning. It’s not well lit, though it looks to me like the guy is spinning inside in front of a drum kit with a relatively low ceiling. And then maybe a week later, this one showed up with the even more […]

Why Safety Matters!

August 2, 2013 by


Other than the obvious reasons — you know, you could burn yourself, some one else, or something else — there are some really practical reasons to care about fire safety. When you’re out there in the fire community, remember the following: Prevent law suits! I was recently contacted by a professional artist who is being […]