10 Renegade Fire Jam Safety Issues & Solutions

Editor's note: We encourage people to get safety training and to have trained fire safety personnel who have actually extinguished tools before present with fire blankets and at the ready when spinning and in general, we support the NAFAA recommendations for fire safety. Fire jam's are a unique situation where the line between participant and audience (particularly... Continue Reading →

The (Cat) Club – On Fire!

A few weeks ago, this video showed up in my Google alerts for fire spinning. It's not well lit, though it looks to me like the guy is spinning inside in front of a drum kit with a relatively low ceiling. And then maybe a week later, this one showed up with the even more... Continue Reading →

Why Safety Matters!

Other than the obvious reasons -- you know, you could burn yourself, some one else, or something else -- there are some really practical reasons to care about fire safety. When you're out there in the fire community, remember the following: Prevent law suits! I was recently contacted by a professional artist who is being... Continue Reading →

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