Flower Class, Mixed Level Poi 8 PM Tuesdays, starts 7.16.19

Fire Dancing Lessons Pixel Poi Preview
Artist: GlitterGirl Photo: Aaron Sesker

Want to level up your poi skills with one of the most prolific and never ending opportunities for growth, fun-filled, poi geekery? Looking to expand your skill with flowers? We have just the remedy — this class is loads of fun and is highly recommended for intermediate and advanced students who want to take their skills to the next level.

Join us for this 4 week flower series meeting at 8 pm Tuesdays at Lines Ballet (26, 7th Street, 5th floor, studio 4, San Francisco). Class meets Tuesdays, 8 pm, July 16, 23, 30 and August 6.

This class is designed to be repeated many times, each time taking a deeper cut at the practice and delineating more complex patterns requiring more hand independent skill. This is a mixed level class for both those new to flowers, antispin, wall plane hybrids and lockouts as well as those who are interested in expanding their repertoire in this arena. For the neophytes, this 4 week series introduces artists to concepts that will expand the artist’s repertoire for months, if not years.

This course begins with the basic concepts of flowers — side, front, back, floor and ceiling  planes — and continues building on variations on this theme, tying together the flowers, barrel rolls and lockouts (using spin and antispin as appropriate) with buzzsaw fountains, wall plane weaves and combinations to integrate the moves into your practice.

Not sure you know what flowers are? Here’s a poi spinning video featuring flowers, antispin, CAPs and hybrids heavily in the early part of the video and then interspersed throughout the flow in the later part of the video.

For those who are already indoctrinated into the world of flowers, we will work on more advanced flowers integrating antispin into the repertoire, focusing on goofy flowers, hybrids, CAPS, swivels turns, and other patterns to expand on basic flower, antispin and wall plane concepts. Class will be held in a huge studio with high ceilings. The series is a mixed level class where we will start with a basic concept and continue to build on it throughout each class and the series overall which means we run multiple curriculums at once. Students are invited to take the class at their own pace and we adjust the material to accommodate each student’s needs. This series will continue to expand on the concepts by working with turns and combinations that integrate the recently acquired moves.

Registration Information

  • $35 cash at the door per night drop-in if space allows (must take night one to attend any of the subsequent nights or have prior approval from GlitterGirl) or
  • $30 a class when you buy the whole series or
  • 1 intermediate credit on the beginner boot camp package for each night attended Series Discount!

Provide your $60 tuition deposit (non refundable but transferrable with 8 days notice) to register now and bring the balance ($60) in cash the first night of class.


Register here with your non refundable $60 deposit and bring the balance of $60 in CASH the first day of class. 


Beginner Poi Fire Dancing Boot Camp: By clicking this link you agree to make 7 payments of $125 regardless of your attendance at each session. The first payment may be made using this link on or before July 16, 2019. The additional 6 payments are due in cash directly to GlitterGirl or through the mail slot at Temple of Poi by the 15th of each month from August, 2019 until and including January 15, 2020. This payment is non refundable.


Some scholarships available; Please inquire with GlitterGirl directly for details. Explore the content of these classes through the videos below which provide an understanding of the content covered in classes: Flowers, Antispin, Hybrids, Wall Planes, Lockouts, CAPs The following video provides some examples of beginner patterns taught in these sessions:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVnw1Mi9dfM

More advanced students will explore concepts that build in the fundamentals distinguished in the beginner curriculum.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hwodg_xMIHQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsRgpNb63Hw

As a reminder, this and all classes at Temple of Poi are taught with the Flowology Mindset practiced rigorously.

Additional Information

  • Students are welcome to bring a video camera to record sessions for personal use only.
  • They may NOT be distributed to others, including your fellow students (without prior authorization of your instructor), in any way, nor posted on the internet or sold.
  • You will need to have your own practice poi, or you can purchase a set from us.
  • Practice poi, if you need them, are available for $10 cash
  • Subscribe to glittergirl’s Instagram channel for ongoing motivation and examples of what we do in class.
  • Enjoy free lessons at YouTube.com/GlitterGirlPoi.
  • Want to teach a friend how to poi? Pass it on — they can get a free download of our 20 minute corkscrew lesson here at GotFireDancing.com.

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