Poi Turns: Out of the Box, 8 PM Tuesdays

Poi Turns: Out of the Box
Artist: GlitterGirl
Photo: Jim Fitzgerald

During this four-week series, we’ll focus on 180º and 360º  turns between moves, enhance existing turning skills and learn new turn combinations. This series also has students explore the concept of plane shifting through axis rotation as a means to create a more dimensional performance.

This series is less about learning new moves and concepts and mores about learning how to turn and move through the performance area with the moves you already utilize. These 4 weeks focus on the motion layer of the 7 layer dip, assisting you in using more stage space and moving out of the fixed position poi artists can find themselves in when simply executing moves consecutively. Through a series of games and exercises, students will explore movement through space and turning with moves they already know while learning a few more fun ones that impress the crowd.

These techniques combine to create spinning “Out of the Box”:  the process of moving the relative positions of the “box” (front, back, floor, ceiling and side planes) to different locations in relation to the fixed environment in which artists are performing — all while flowing between moves.

Out of the Box concepts are explored using:

  • hip reels – same and split directions
  • pinwheels – same and split direction
  • weaves – same direction
  • butterfly turnarounds
  • thread the needle turnarounds
  • sweep circle turns
  • under leg moves
  • hip/pin-reel combos
  • lockout turnarounds
  • flat plane buzzsaw/corkscrew turns
  • 2 petal flower turns
  • pendulum turns
  • Giant turns
  • flower turns
  • and more!

Here’s a preview of some of the patterns that will be used in this series.

This is a series and some material will build from week to week. Please check with GlitterGirl if you wish to drop in to classes 3 or 4 without prior attendance. This session will run 8 pm Tuesdays in 2019 on May 14, 21, 28 and June 4 at Lines Ballet (26 7th Street, 5th floor, studio 4). Tuition is one of the following:

  • $35 cash at the door per night drop-in if space allows or
  • 1 intermediate credit on the beginner boot camp package for each night attended or
  • $120 total for all 4 classes in the series

Series Price! 

Register for this series starting May 14, 2019 and pay your non refundable $60 deposit  for the series and bring $60 in cash the first night.


Join the Boot Camp! 

For students who have completed the Beginner Poi Moves series and are looking to dive deeper into the practice, join our 7 month boot camp program with your first of 7 non refundable payments of $100 here. Each additional payment of $100 is due in cash to GlitterGirl or under the Temple of Poi Door by the 15th of each month from June 15, 2019 through November 15, 2019, inclusive


This class is loads of fun and is highly recommended for advanced beginner through advanced students who want to add more depth to their performance skills and add some fun combinations to their repertoire.

As a reminder, this and all classes at Temple of Poi are taught with the Flowology Mindset practiced rigorously.

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