Fan Class: Flowers, Antispin and more, 5.2.2019, 8 PM

Beginner Fan Lessons
Artist: GlitterGirl Photo: Lorah Gross

If you’re new to fans and looking for a solid foundation to help you get started or are interested in leveling up your fan flow or are simply looking to practice with people where you can follow the leader rather than make it up yourself, join our new monthly Fan Class. This session runs Thursday, May 2, 2019, from 8-9:20 PM at Temple of Poi (953 mission st ste 11 San Francisco, CA 94103). The session will cover a variety of concepts to help you get started with the basics of fans as well as giving you some fan flow sequences to connect the movements together.

This class is intended to focus on flowers and antispin movements — here are some examples followed by other fan flow inspiration.

To get you started in advance, here are some fun 1 minute lessons for fans.

If you have limited experience then this class is probably for you — contact GlitterGirl (glittergirl [that pretty little at sign] templeofpoi [daaaaaaught] com) to determine if this is the right class for you.

Class info:

  • Time/Dates: 8-9:20 PM Thursday, May 2, 2019
  • What’s included: Requests, new material, follow the leader, Q&A, individual attention and a review section to be filmed at the end of class.
  • Location: Temple of Poi, 953 Mission Street, Suite 11, between 5th and 6th on Mission, San Francisco, CA, USA

Additional Information

  • Students are encouraged to bring a video camera to record session notes videos (we set aside a time for this) for personal use only. They may NOT be distributed to others, including your fellow students (without prior authorization of your instructor), in any way, nor posted on the internet or sold.
  • You will need to have your own fans. 
  • Tuition for this class is $35
  • We do not have fans you can use for practice.
  • Join our mailing list here and keep up to date on classes, events, performances, jams as well as articles and videos to support your learning.
  • Class will be taught by GlitterGirl.


Register here with your non refundable tuition payment of $35.


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