Poi Buddy Boot Camp – Build Your Boot Camp!

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Artist: Nova Photo: Louie Diep

Artist: Nova
Photo: Louie Diep

Considering the regular Beginner Poi Boot Camp but can’t make the normal group class times? Or, are you looking to craft your own Intermediate+ boot camp? Now we have a solution for you! Temple of Poi is pleased to offer two new boot camp options!

Option 1: Bespoke Beginner Poi Boot Camp

First, is a 3 month customized beginner poi boot camp for students whose scheduled simply don’t accommodate our regularly week night schedule. The boot camp includes of 2 1 hour lessons per month for 4 months and covers the material in our Beginner Poi Moves, Beginner Dance and Beginner Fire Series sessions, roughly, depending on how much the student(s) practice outside of class. Do it on your own ($120 x 6 payments) or bring a buddy to boot camp and team up to create a better value ($180 x 6 payments). To give you a sense of what you can expect, here are some preview videos.


Option 2: Bespoke Intermediate+ Boot Camp

Have a set of skills you want to learn or choreography you want to write for a special performance? Pull from any material covered in any of our Intermediate classes (see this video playlist for some examples of moves from which you can choose) and create the poi learning path of your dreams ($120 x 6 payments). As with the Bespoke Beginner Boot Camp Option, you can also join with a friend for a discount ($180 x 6 payments).

How it Works*

Students pay $240/month for 3 months and are expected to complete the 6 1 hour private sessions before the end of the 5th month from paying the first payment. Alternately, if students want to come in a duo, get an even better deal of $180/month (per student) when you sign up with a friend!

The initial payment is made below and each additional payment is due in cash to GlitterGirl or Nova at Temple of Poi during the session.

*Terms and Conditions… aka The Fine Print:

  • For a single person boot camp, beginner or intermediate+, the first payment of $120 is due on line or in person before the first session(online only for new students).  For a 2 person boot camp, beginner or intermediate+, the first payment of $180 is due online on or before the first session(online only for new students). To set up the session, contact GlitterGirl for specific times and availability.
  • Each additional payment of $120 or $180 is due in cash the night of the private session.
  • Each session must be scheduled in advance at a mutually agreeable time.
  • Cancellations must happen 48 hours in advance to retain the credit for the session. If a session is not cancelled with 48 hours notice, the student will owe the tuition fee for that session even though they did not attend.  
  • Students have up to 5 months from the date of first class to fulfill the credits of this agreement.
  • Tuition does not include additional gear, including but not limited to poi, costumes, fuel, insurance and other expenses fire dancers may incur.
  • All payments are due even if students misses classes or drops the series under all circumstances. 
  • This program price may not be combined with any other discounts
  • Students must sign a contract agreeing to these terms which will be emailed to you after you sign up for the boot camp
  • As with college, if students miss a session unexpectedly (i.e., sickness, emergency, airport delay, etc.) the class continues with out them and the student is responsible for making up missed material on their own

To schedule your sessions and/or if you have any questions or concerns or wish to discuss this boot camp in more detail, please email (address below) or call us at 415.543.4911.

When can I start?

To get started, email this address for availability: