Light it Up: Zero to Fire half day workshop! (July 8, 2017)

Temple of Poi Testimonial
“Isa is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. Poi was mentally and physically challenging, yet her methodical and interactive teaching style really helped my team come together in a fun and synergistic way. I highly recommend this class for individuals or corporations looking for team building exercises that challenges both body and mind while producing exciting, supportive and tangible results.
Thanks Isa! “
Aaron Hinde
President, LifeAID Beverage Company, Inc.


Artist: GlitterGirl Photo: Dalton Chan
Artist: GlitterGirl
Photo: Dalton Chan

Are you looking for a life altering experience empowering you through fun, utilitarian skills you may never have considered possible before while you get to play with FIRE?!?!? 

If so, this workshop is for you! This fun filled class is designed to:

  • give students an opportunity to quickly experience fire through a single session
  • help attendees understand how to work with fire safely
  • empower individuals to both extinguish and wield fire
  • teach a few basic moves and a ton of fire safety information
  • give you an adrenaline rush
  • be a whole lot of fun!

What’s included?

The class is divided into four sections:

  • Part I: Poi Class: this part is movement based and focuses on learning poi technique. This will be a 75-90 minute session, depending on attendance, during which time we’ll cover some basic poi moves and give you an easy routine to try later during the wielding fire session.
  • Part II: Fire Safety: this consists of a discussion about the key elements of fire safety as it relates to spinning fire. This includes information about fabrics, fuels, testing fabric and understanding how to create a safe environment in which to spin fire. This session lasts between 55-75 minutes, depending on context and attendance.
  • Part III, Fire Handling: during this section, students will adorn themselves in fire safe clothing and work through a series of exercises where they will handle the fire. During this time, every student will extinguish the fire at least once so they will have the confidence of knowing they can and have smothered a fire. Students are encouraged to read our fire safety manual prior to class so they can be fully informed and get any questions that arise answered in the class. Time varies to complete this section based on number of attendees and their general comfort with fire, ranging from 45 – 100 minutes. It is important that everyone walks out of this section of the workshop feeling comfortable enough with fire to be willing to light up their tools.
  • Part IV, Wielding Fire: during this section, students will spin fire at least once each. Students will spin 30 seconds up to 3 minutes each, a rather lengthy time for someone who is new to poi spinning. Students will also learn how to prep and fuel their props prior to spinning and will practice fire safety protocols with each other, including extinguishing fire as needed. This section takes 40-90 minutes depending on attendance and comfort with the prop and fire
Artist: GlitterGirl Photo: Nexotal
Artist: GlitterGirl
Photo: Nexotal

Andrew Watterson, a student of this workshop, said:

“Great class. I was really impressed with how quickly she got us having fun and feeling successful. It was quite a treat to be introduced to something new in such a relaxed but action-packed way.”

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for people who:

  • are interested in trying fire dancing as quickly as possible
  • want to experience the thrill of fire rushing around their body
  • prefer to gain confidence overcoming obsticles in a safe and supportive environment
  • looking for a fun activity to do with friends
  • are tourists interested in a uniquely San Francisco expeirnece
  • gather as families looking to bond over something new together
  • artists looking to try it before they attend That Thing In the Desert
  • create company and department team building events
  • host bachelorette, engagement, bat/bar mitzvah, wedding, shower, engagement and/or birthday parties
  • attend CxO retreats
  • seek a life altering empowerment experience that’s fun and utilitarian
  • want to overcome trauma with fire
  • want to complete the material from our Beginner Fire class in one night

But… I could never do that!

Don’t think you can do this? Check out GlitterGirl on the Travel

Channel’s Trip Flip, San Francisco Edition teaching two strangers how to spin in under an hour.  

Your workshop will be considerably longer, as we aren’t doing it for a 1:47 television blurb and instead are doing it for an awesome and empowering experience! Also, here’s a clip showcasing some inspiring success stories from students we’ve had for those interested in an ongoing practice.

Sign me up now!

This workshop will be held in various locations in SoMa, San Francisco, Saturday July 8, 2017 starting at 4:00 PM (the first location is Lines Ballet, 26 7th Street, 5th floor, studio 4) and will run 4-7 hours, depending on attendance, questions and people’s desire to play with fire (average time is about 4 hours). We will be moving (walking) between multiple venues for this workshop to accommodate different environmental needs as we don’t spin fire indoors and learning inside with mirrors is easier than learning outside. Attendees will need:

  • natural fiber clothes (long pants, long sleeve shirt or hoodie and hair cover) — denim, cotton, suede, leather, hemp, linen and bamboo are all good choices
  • close toed shoes made of non flammable material (synthetic vibrams, for example, are not a good choice)
  • a sense of adventure
  • a willingness to laugh at yourself

Tuition, including the fuel, practice poi and fire poi props, is $127 per person, or, Do it With a Friend special: 2 for $230.


1 person: $127 total, $67 now by credit card non refundable deposit and $60 due in cash at the beginning of class on July 8.

2 people: $230 total, $130 now by credit card non refundable deposit and $100 due in cash a the beginning of the class on July 8.




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