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Have you struggled to add more flow to your spinning?Are you struggling to figure out what to practice? Do you want to take private lessons but have no school near you? Are you looking for more guided instruction?  Are you working on choreography and combinations but don’t know where to start? Do you often look at internet videos and wish they contained exactly what you wanted? Do you want lessons but find travel to San Francisco too costly? Do you wish you could meet with an instructor multiple times a week? If you answered yes to any of these, we have the answer for you!

Temple of Poi is excited to announce our live flow practice training group available on FaceBook. Students will be approved to join the group after payment has been received. Join GlitterGirl for personalized on line live video training and get the practice just right for your needs. Each session is 20 minutes with 15 minutes of video practice time and 5 minutes of assessment split before and after the video training. You can participate anywhere you have Internet access, making this the perfect option when you’re on the road.

How it works

  • Each session starts with a written check in via messenger or text confirming we’re a go.
  • Curriculum for the session will have been determined at the end of the last session, or, for new clients, during your intake assessment.
  • GlitterGirl starts the video on Facebook; student joins.
  • GlitterGirl runs 3-5 different sections in the video based on outlined material.
  • At the end of each section, GlitterGirl approaches the camera to insure the video is still running.
  • Note: If the video stops streaming live, she will restart it and resume the lesson. For this reason, students should leave a grace period to account for video malfunction which happens from time to time and extends the video session by a few minutes. GlitterGirl will check at the end of each section of the lesson plan (3-5 minutes).

Video time is 15 minutes with no check in so students are encouraged to keep going even when poi tangle by getting back to it as quickly as possible. Remember a copy of the video will remain in the group perpetually and you can retake the lesson any time you want while you have access to the group, thus allowing you to get the precise practice you need again and again. Because it’s all recorded, you need not take your own notes or make videos with the instructions.

Sessions are intended to assist clients with building their flow between moves. As the Internet is currently saturated with trick/move videos, this is an opportunity to develop customized flows, sequences and mini choreography based on moves you already know, focused on flowing between the moves rather than learning the move itself. This allows you to practice executing the move in relation to the moves before and after it while drilling specific transitions.

Each student gets customized lessons designed to move them forward in their practice. While material may repeat between sessions, each session is structured based on what the client who paid for it requested. However, since all sessions happen within the same Facebook group, you have access to an ever growing database of video sessions to assist you in getting in a solid 15 minute practice session which means if you’re bored with your flows, you can use any one of the dozens of other videos already in the database.

Students who purchase the introductory bundle on or before July 4th, 2017, will have access to the facebook group for one year, until July 4, 2018, provided Facebook still exists as a platform. On July 5th, pricing will change and access will be granted for a three month period from date of purchase. First time students are purchasing a 20 minute session plus a 15 minute consultation. Local students are invited to do the consult in person. Others should prepare one or more videos which include a 60-90 second flow; some moves with which you’re struggling and additional questions if you have any with a total run time not exceeding 5 minutes. After purchase, send the links to those videos to GlitterGirl and complete this form, at which point she will contact you to set up your 15 minute consult. During your consultation, you will review the video content you shared so be prepared with questions and/or an idea of what you’re looking to work on through these sessions. Students who are already clients should discuss this package directly with GlitterGirl to maximize results and should skip the intake process.

For a limited time, clients may sign up for an introductory priced bundle.

If you have questions  contact GlitterGirl (glittergirl [that pretty little at sign] templeofpoi [daaaaaaught] com) to determine if this is right for you.

Additional Information

  • You will need to have your own practice poi, or you can purchase a set from us (available the night class begins).
  • Tuition for this class is an introductory price of $20 for 20 minutes or 3 20 minute sessions (1 hour total) for $50. 
  • All payments are non refundable.
  • Sessions must be used within 2 weeks of purchase. Bundled introductory sessions must be used within a month of purchase. Sessions purchased on the 12th expire on the 12th the next month. Sessions purchased in months with 31 days will expire on the last day of the next month if the month is shorter in duration.
  • Join our mailing list here and keep up to date on classes, events, performances, jams as well as articles and videos to support your learning.
  • Support your learning through free and paid for videos in our Beginner Poi Video Library and intermediate library — access available upon request.
  • Class will be taught by GlitterGirl.


One Session Only

Register here with your non refundable $20 payment for 1 20 minute session to be used within 2 weeks of payment. New students should also complete the intake assessment form.

Introductory bundle

Register here with your non refundable $50 payment for 3 20 minute sessions to be used within a month (by the same date next month). New students should also complete the intake assessment form


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